#15 You're Sitting On The Altimeter

These tapes come from sessions that also produced #5 Le Garrotte. There's not a lot to say, except that these particular tapes were made under the influence of a paralyzing strain of Thailand's finest. For the most part though, this session was a slow groove fest, featuring a number of jams that lingered into the 15-20 minute area. We decided to spare you the excess. We dubbed the beginning of "Burden Bearers (of Aristocracy)," but the rest is all live and all improvised. At one point we conjured up the ghost of producer Jimmy Miller and rode that wave. For listening purposes, if you don't have any paralyzing Thai around the house... Amsterdam Red will suffice. Recorded live.


Burden Bearers (Of Aristocracy) (4:54)
Jimmy Miller's Knob Is Missing, Too (Trimmed) (5:07) 

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