soundssix: Sounds In An Empty Theater

#6 In Our Ongoing SOUNDSERIES

We're officially resurrecting our not-all-that-well-received-in-the-first-place SOUNDSERIES series... which is, by definition, a series of sounds. Consider this the pursuit of a leftover franchise we hoped might stick against your refrigerator door like a string of flaccid, lukewarm spaghetti. This one's called soundssix, which means you can find soundsone through soundsfive elsewhere. There's even a handy one thru five soundsbox if you're the organized type.

In keeping with tradition, soundssix comes with just a front and back cover, saving us the trouble of coming up with conceptual gibberish. Check out our reviews online. Just ignore the one about our music causing confusion and internal bleeding in lab rats... that charge is still under review, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks also to our mysteriously assembled cadre of odd followers & generous benefactors. As is our wont, 320's are below, while those that covet audio quality can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck. 

Sounds In An Empty Theater (11:38)
Derangedly Arranged Kites (35:32)

Free 320

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