#99 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY The Unreleased 1978 Impulse! Sessions

The "Impulse! Sessions" is a bit of a misnomer. While it was the title found on this recording's 2-track master safety reel (the only surviving master of any kind), and it appears now as it was originally readied for submission to the storied Impulse! label... there is no documentation that the label ever received or heard this music. It seems unlikely, anyway.

Recorded in East St. Louis in the fall of 1978, Art Jackson's Atrocity self-produced this collection of demos, rehearsals and jams as an audio introduction for the label. Instead... these "sessions" - actually recorded over the course of about 3 months -were quietly entombed for over 45 years. Never to be heard again. Further, The Atrocity never bothered to go back to these tapes when considering an official 4th LP release, thus sealing the fate of these recordings. Is this the future of jazz/rock/avant-garde, circa 1978? Or just a singular voice in the void? These tapes capture the final incarnation of the original line-up of Art Jackson's Atrocity. As you blog regulars know... FREE 320s are below. Those with enhanced, sub-sonic frequency detection, however, can get coveted file formats like AIFF, FLAC, WAV from Bandcamp (or their players) for just one buckaroo.


1. Waiting For The Chute To Open (1:54)
2. Butterflied (5:02)
3. Atonement (4:06)
4. Pachydermia (11:09)
5. The Final Five At Phibes (4:12)
6. North By Northwest (5:31)
7. The Dark Dense City (7:08)

Art Jackson: guitars 
Artis Killins: bass 
Kurtis Snider: drums 
Pharaoh Keyes: keyboards 
Joseph Mix: sax/trumpet/flute 
Eric Gaye: sax/trumpet 
Roger Houston: guitar 
Val Heston: violin/viola/cello 
Mark Napoleon: percussion 


Pollo said...

Fantastic. Thanks very much.

Miles said...

Wow!! 99 releases since 2007! And this one's a keeper! Just curious though. How long are you guys gonna stay in college?

Oh, and BTW - Loafing is an occupation, and someone who loafs is a layabout. You got it backwards, but it's all good. I like these sounds!

Anonymous said...


Been waiting for a sequel to Gout. The wait is over. Now what am I gonna do?

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Miles. College? As long as it takes. Thanks for stopping by.

We're Late For Class said...

Don't forget... #72 Live In Europe (1975), #81 The Outer Limits (1976) & #82 Tribute To Sun Ra (1977)