#85 Hold On A Second, I Gotta Take A Piss: Drum Auditions, Guerrilla Recording Techniques & The Ghost Of Frank Zappa

Most of this was recorded over the course of a couple of weeks in various places... old school, guerrilla-style, hit-and-run-type sessions that took another couple of weeks to edit. It's got a bit of a theme that some might pick up on. Others won't care.

A continuous 50 minutes, if that's not a deal-breaker. We've also thoughtfully included uninterrupted side-long files for your online listening pleasure. We do all this for you. We hope you know that.


SIDE ONE (26:45)
SIDE TWO (22:50)

Side One
200 Motel Room Keys (1:27)
Nine Types Of Industrial Copyright Theft (5:56)
Dark Prunes (Edgard's Apocalypto Mix) (2:32)
The Audition/The Curly Howard Tuning Method (3:30)
Reptilian Manner (3:03)
Glenn Miller's Luggage Is Missing, Too (Remix) (5:34)
Musique Concrète Mixer Pt. 3/Parenthetically Speaking
... (Live At Royal Albert Hall) (4:40)
Side Two
Return Of The Son Of Plywoods In The Dark (22:50)

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& that makes three. Gracias.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks thrice, NØ.

Gill said...

One day youz will be recognized for laying the foundation of what will become to be known as, "Headucation". Frank could be proud. Be Well.

p.s. It's getting harder and harder to click the "I'm not a Robot" button below, but I will.

We're Late For Class said...

Actually, Frank would probably sue us over using a (exclusive) clip of his voice. But, we get the gist and appreciate the kind words. What you need is your own robot to deal with the online robot.