#91 Richard Wright Dreams While Crashing On Nick Mason's Boat

True Story. After a tour-ending celebration party that - like Woodstock - was so legendary, more people say they were there than actually were, Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright retired to pal Nick Mason’s boat to wallow in the vessel’s quiet, rocking ambience and expensive catered sushi… and to dream. Like he had never dreamt before. As you know, 320's are below. But those who only want the best can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or player below) for an industry-bucking buck.

Pt1 A Night Of Revelry… One For The Ages (5:59)
Pt2 Richard Wright Dreams While Crashing On Nick Mason’s Boat (8:14)
Pt3 The Sea Abided (6:22)

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Mr. P said...

Love it. So much thanks.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for the comment... and for admitting it in public.
We hope you don't get shunned by your tribe for your beliefs.

Aguar said...

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We're Late For Class said...

Hola Aguar. Thanks again for the linkage.