#94 Rank Cosmosis

Please don't believe what the corporate music press has been saying about us. It's not true that we're just padding our catalog in the hopes of eventually selling all our rights for hundreds of millions of dollars, like Dylan, Neil Young and a few others have done. It's called 'fattening the cow' and - truth be told - we're not that cud-worthy. Besides, by our fog-ridden calculations, we'd need at least a few hundred thousand MORE of these so-called releases to make us even appear viable to moneyed investor types. Such is life. We will, however, happily sell out directly to you, our cherished fans (and curious visitors), for a paltry buck... even less. Veterans already know that free 
320's are found below, while those of you with advanced, super-human hearing can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other elevated file formats from our Bandcamp page (or players) for the aforementioned simoleon.

Cosmosis (4:16)
Keepers Of The Secret Guitars (Excerpt) (3:00)
The Duplex In Tampa (3:13)
Elegant Restraint (1:00)
Can We Float In Your Pool? (7:51)

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