Sunday, May 22

#52-#56 The Singles Box

The idea was to release a new single every few weeks and let you know when the collectible hard copies, at inflated collector's prices, would be for sale. We envisioned some droll postcards and pretended we were The Pixies just to justify the price tag. In this new era of the music business, bands now know that they have to give away their albums to webleggers, just to be able to sell the $100 Deluxe Expanded Import Box Set (with a few more pieces of paper, and maybe a free mini-CD of a bad rehearsal on DAT). Here's our version. We've got some new stuff coming this week.

Free Download
#52-#56 The Singles Box

To Listen Or Download Individually
#52 Clash On Broadway 45

#53 I Wanna Be Your Man 45
#54 Metal Machine Music 45
#55 The Last Countdown 45
#56 The Trouser Variations 45

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