#92 A Bucket Of Blood (Original Fictitious Soundtrack Recording)

This is our fictitious soundtrack for Roger Corman’s A Bucket Of Blood. You're invited to paste on a fake goatee, conspicuously leave a half-open book of Elizabethan poetry laying around and prepare yourself to function on 10-to-12 cups of unregulated, re-caffeinated South American coffee as we take you into the bowels of a nondescript underground 1950s bohemian hangout, The Yellow Door. Frequented by murderous busboys, comic relief beatniks, noticeably undercover narcos, verbosely pompous poets and all of the free-wheeling sensory overload we’ve come to know and love as A Bucket Of Blood

FOR YOUR ON LINE LISTENING PLEASURE... we've included a "complete" version to quell track changing interruptions and to compliment your carefully cultivated atmospheric mindset. As you're aware, free 320s are below, but those whose audio needs border on elitism, can get FLAC, WAV, AIFF and other high-brow formats from our pals at Bandcamp (or the player below) for a paltry buck.


A Bucket Of Blood (Original Fictitious Soundtrack Recording) (19:31)
-- "I Will Talk To You Of Art" (3:03)
-- A Coupla Hustlers At The Yellow Door (2:17)
-- Blood Queen Revisited (7:05)
-- The Interlopers (1:05)
-- A Bucket Of Blood (feat. Pedro on sax) (3:39)
-- Epilogue (2:23)
LP Version's Repeating Run-Out Groove (Bonus Track) (1:00)

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