soundsseven: The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being

#7 In Our Ongoing SOUNDSERIES

We've officially resurrected our cornerstone franchise soundseries series... which is - by definition - a series of sounds. Go figure. This one's called soundsseven, which means you can find soundsone through soundssix in our archives. There's even a handy soundsbox (one thru five) if you're the organized type.

In keeping with tradition, soundsseven comes with just a front and back cover, saving us the trouble of coming up with some contrived conceptual gibberish to explain 23 minutes that you can never get back. Thanks for even reading this far... since we know full well you've got better things to do.

As we are prone to do, we've provided 320's below, while those with bat-like audio perception can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or player above) for an inflation bucking 100¢. Bargain or rip off? You make the call! 

The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being Pt. 1 (12:42) 
The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being Pt. 2 (10:18) 

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