#95 The Faux Tapes II: 71 Minutes

"WLFC's Faustian masterpiece."
- Uncut

"A creative explosion of sound, effects and ideas."
- Pitchfork

"Far more engaging and inventive than its namesake."
- Billboard

"An analog feast for needy ears lost in exile since the 70's."
- Smarter Than You Are Press

You are aware that you have to take everything we say "with a grain of salt," right? The UK's MOJO Magazine actually wrote that about us in print (that's true), but it's sound advice, regardless. Anyway, here's #95 The Faux Tapes II: 71 Minutes. Our follow-up to #80 The Faux Tapes. Believe it or not, there are actually 71 minutes on this one - providing evidence that we've probably stolen more than just a title. The 24-minute aural albatross, "The Epic Medley Piece," is broken down into sections below for your edification. There's more of this rot in the pipeline, so beware of being encouraging. You might already know that free 320's are found below, while those of you who need more can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other elevated file formats from our Bandcamp page (or players) for a lousy buck.


1. Adventures In Analog Group Think (Embryo) (8:48)
    Soundcheck (0:14)
    Flying (Remix) (2:51)
    The 'Noids (1:55)
    Arigato Barbieri (1:08)
    Island (Of Lost Souls) (2:22)
    Thrown Face First From A Moving Vehicle (4:01)
    Reply From Fornax (4:23)
    Areola Borealis (4:58) 
 3. Live (1:35) 
 4. The Monolith Monsters (aka Monster Magnet Remix) (8:19) 
 5. Fury Of The Damned (11:20) 
 6. Untitled (0:37) 
 7. I-Land Generic (4:09) 
 8. Call Out The Chords (Mixed On The Fly) (11:26) 
 9. The 71st Minute (0:59)

#94 Rank Cosmosis

Please don't believe what the corporate music press has been saying about us. It's not true that we're just padding our catalog in the hopes of eventually selling all our rights for hundreds of millions of dollars, like Dylan, Neil Young and a few others have done. It's called 'fattening the cow' and - truth be told - we're not that cud-worthy. Besides, by our fog-ridden calculations, we'd need at least a few hundred thousand MORE of these so-called releases to make us even appear viable to moneyed investor types. Such is life. We will, however, happily sell out directly to you, our cherished fans (and curious visitors), for a paltry buck... even less. Veterans already know that free 
320's are found below, while those of you with advanced, super-human hearing can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other elevated file formats from our Bandcamp page (or players) for the aforementioned simoleon.

Cosmosis (4:16)
Keepers Of The Secret Guitars (Excerpt) (3:00)
The Duplex In Tampa (3:13)
Elegant Restraint (1:00)
Can We Float In Your Pool? (7:51)

soundsseven: The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being

#7 In Our Ongoing SOUNDSERIES

We've officially resurrected our cornerstone franchise soundseries series... which is - by definition - a series of sounds. Go figure. This one's called soundsseven, which means you can find soundsone through soundssix in our archives. There's even a handy soundsbox (one thru five) if you're the organized type.

In keeping with tradition, soundsseven comes with just a front and back cover, saving us the trouble of coming up with some contrived conceptual gibberish to explain 23 minutes that you can never get back. Thanks for even reading this far... since we know full well you've got better things to do.

As we are prone to do, we've provided 320's below, while those with bat-like audio perception can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or player above) for an inflation bucking 100¢. Bargain or rip off? You make the call! 

The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being Pt. 1 (12:42) 
The Virtually Imperceptible Science Of Being Pt. 2 (10:18) 

#93 THE MANIPULATIONATORS III The New Psychedelia...Live In The Studio!

THE MANIPULATIONATORS BIOUsing a syncopated array of re-interpreted themes, pre-organized interruptions, subtly adjusted variations and unrelenting repetition, THE MANIPULATIONATORS re-configure a steady stream of obscure grooves, disguised DNA and questionable invention - meshed with random, magnetically impaled particles, technologically altered waveforms and a few resurrected past glories - into this undeniably trippy collection, boldly trying to establish itself as the spearhead of some rare new cultural movement suspiciously called The New Psychedelia.

3rd is a series, collect them all. As the title suggests, The New Psychedelia... Live In The Studio! is yet another attempt to attach ourselves to a potentially money-making trend that hasn't actually happened yet. It's called being ahead of the curve, which - despite the bragging rights - is really about as lucrative as being behind the curve. But, at least in this installment of the ongoing saga of THE MANIPULATIONATORS, there's an 18-minute plus tripping section, where drug abusers of every conceivable ilk are welcomed to bring their tape machines and capture the atmospherics and music they would probably miss in real time. We've done the preservation for you, here. 320's are below, while those with Special Forces Hearing Accreditation (SFHA) can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and various other file formats from our Bandcamp page (or players) for a miserly buck.

False Identity (6:00) 
Tripping To The New Psychedelia (18:40)

The Manipulationators I & II - Click To Collect Them All

#92 A Bucket Of Blood (Original Fictitious Soundtrack Recording)

This is our fictitious soundtrack for Roger Corman’s A Bucket Of Blood. You're invited to paste on a fake goatee, conspicuously leave a half-open book of Elizabethan poetry laying around and prepare yourself to function on 10-to-12 cups of unregulated, re-caffeinated South American coffee as we take you into the bowels of a nondescript underground 1950s bohemian hangout, The Yellow Door. Frequented by murderous busboys, comic relief beatniks, noticeably undercover narcos, verbosely pompous poets and all of the free-wheeling sensory overload we’ve come to know and love as A Bucket Of Blood

FOR YOUR ON LINE LISTENING PLEASURE... we've included a "complete" version to quell track changing interruptions and to compliment your carefully cultivated atmospheric mindset. As you're aware, free 320s are below, but those whose audio needs border on elitism, can get FLAC, WAV, AIFF and other high-brow formats from our pals at Bandcamp (or the player below) for a paltry buck.


A Bucket Of Blood (Original Fictitious Soundtrack Recording) (19:31)

"I Will Talk To You Of Art" (3:03)
A Coupla Hustlers At The Yellow Door (2:17)
Blood Queen Revisited (7:05)
The Interlopers (1:05)
A Bucket Of Blood (feat. Pedro on sax) (3:39)
Epilogue (2:23)
LP Version's Repeating Run-Out Groove (Bonus Track) (1:00)

#91 Richard Wright Dreams While Crashing On Nick Mason's Boat

True Story. After a tour-ending celebration party that - like Woodstock - was so legendary, more people say they were there than actually were, Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright retired to pal Nick Mason’s boat to wallow in the vessel’s quiet, rocking ambience and expensive catered sushi… and to dream. Like he had never dreamt before. As you know, 320's are below. But those who only want the best can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or player below) for an industry-bucking buck.

Pt1 A Night Of Revelry… One For The Ages (5:59)
Pt2 Richard Wright Dreams While Crashing On Nick Mason’s Boat (8:14)
Pt3 The Sea Abided (6:22)

Free 320

#90 Rank Hypnosis

No… you don’t have to stare at the animated cover while you listen to this collection of hypnotic, narcotic, psychotic and, frankly, sub-neurotic musical rhetoric. But, it might help. It’ll likely help anything you listen to. Just so you know, “Rank Hypnosis (In Easter Hay)” is a conceptual throwback to #38’s “The Dirge Experience (In Easter Hay)," where we first peddled the idea that no other artist (and especially our future kids) should ever perform a cover version of this tune after we die. Not that anyone actually would. This is really just about marketing. And we’re all about marketing. As much as your average L.A. hair band from the 80s, minus the abs. It’s a cut-throat world for those of us not shackled for life to corporations like Ticketmaster or Live Nation. This is about freedom, independence, the American way. Look at the animated cover… freedom …independence… the American way. Look at the cover again… freedom …indepe… oh, and while you’re at it, eat more greens. 320's are below, but those with discerning ears can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or the player below) for a measly buck.

Ruptured Disk (Take One) (2:40)
In Anticipation Of The Whale Riders (5:28)
Rank Hypnosis (In Easter Hay) (8:28)

Free 320

#89 Concoctions For Stoners & Self-Inflictionists

What do criminals, poets and oddballs like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Swaggart, Christian Bale, Francis E. Dec, Jim Carroll, Gil-Scott Heron, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Noah Young and Sweet Valley High have in common? Don’t ask. But feel free to forward any Cease and Desist letters to our lawyers at Dewey, Cheatem And Howe.

We had planned this to be a short collection of our latest concocted anomalies, but decided to pad this set with a few oldies to plug our back catalog. It’s something we learned from big-time record companies, proving once again that we can be as greedy and self-serving as the best of them. In keeping with time-honored tradition, free 320's are below, while those whose ears are sensitive to the limitations of MP3s, can score FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck.


Soundcheck (1:11) 
I Know (Alt End) (6:13) Original On #66 Jazz From Outer Space, Vol. 2 
“Is This One Of Your Long Playing Records, Chuck? Let’s Hear The ...Other Side” (1:35) 
Ali Ali (Alt End) (4:53) Original On #27 Caravan Psoriasis 
The Ultimate Cover-Up (3:14) 
The Writings Of Francis E. Dec, Esquire (5:12) 
The Stalker (Ronnie Don’t) (Alt End) (3:51) Original On #45 The Stalker 45
Confusion 2020 (6:01) 
Tomorrow In March (Remix) (4:23) Original On #55 The Last Countdown 45 
The Sinner (6:21) 
The Military & The Monetary (5:24)

Free 320

soundssix: Sounds In An Empty Theater

#6 In Our Ongoing SOUNDSERIES

We're officially resurrecting our not-all-that-well-received-in-the-first-place SOUNDSERIES series... which is, by definition, a series of sounds. Consider this the pursuit of a leftover franchise we hoped might stick against your refrigerator door like a string of flaccid, lukewarm spaghetti. This one's called soundssix, which means you can find soundsone through soundsfive elsewhere. There's even a handy one thru five soundsbox if you're the organized type.

In keeping with tradition, soundssix comes with just a front and back cover, saving us the trouble of coming up with conceptual gibberish. Check out our reviews online. Just ignore the one about our music causing confusion and internal bleeding in lab rats... that charge is still under review, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks also to our mysteriously assembled cadre of odd followers & generous benefactors. As is our wont, 320's are below, while those that covet audio quality can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck. 

Sounds In An Empty Theater (11:38)
Derangedly Arranged Kites (35:32)

Free 320

#88 THE MANIPULATIONATORS II Birth Of The New Psychedelia

THE MANIPULATIONATORS BIO: Using a syncopated collection of re-interpreted themes, organized interruptions, subtly adjusted variations and unrelenting repetition, THE MANIPULATIONATORS re-configure a steady stream of obscure grooves, disguised DNA and questionable invention - meshed with random, magnetically impaled particles, technologically altered waveforms and a few resurrected past glories - into this undeniably trippy collection, boldly trying to establish itself as the spearhead of some rare new cultural movement suspiciously called The New Psychedelia.

Don't believe it for a minute. Although... it's true, we DO have a new release, THE MANIPULATIONATORS II Birth Of The New Psychedelia, and we ARE positing that this is the stuff that inspired a "new psychedelic movement." It's what we do. Spread the word. It's shelf-life is highly questionable. Dubious? Audacious? Call it what you will. We'll ask our tax guy to draw something official up. We humbly appreciate all you supportive types, and we apologize for the unsolicited emails and public shaming that comes with it. As is often the case, 320's are below, while the sonically picky among you can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and various other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck.


Side 1
Birth Of The New Psychedelia (5:56)
The Complex Complex (1:58)
El Pictorials (2:24)
Stitches (3:21)

Side 2
Vincent & Angie Conversing At A French Cafe: The Beginning (4:56)
Vincent & Angie Conversing At A French Cafe: The End (1:21)
THE OCTET OF ANGER Plays The Buddy Rich Songbook (9:08)

Free 320

#87 The Seasonal Care And Feeding Of Tony Conrad's Surviving Cats

What's in a name? Is this psychedelia masquerading as something else altogether? Some might call it a slow-drip water torture. But, whatever you do, don't call it Krautrock... it upsets the cats. Is this piece loosely based on courtroom documentation, officially filed legal paperwork and long established care and feeding principles? Hey... we're just paid here to play.


The Seasonal Care And Feeding Of Tony Conrad's Surviving Cats
...(As Set Forth Herein...) (14:38)
The Nautically Themed FF Champion (7:06)

Free 320

#86 Side 3 & Side 4

Is this phase two of Hold On A Second, I Gotta Take A Piss? More raw, live, on-the-fly sessions that tend to be short on brevity. Voted #1 by the "Headphone Abusers" Facebook Support Group. Over 35 minutes that can't be duplicated by one of those random noise generators, for better or worse. It might be psychedelic, but to be sure, you should probably consult your dictionary. Think of this as material that didn't fit on our last one (for acronym enthusiasts, #85HOASIGTAP:DAGRT&TGOFZ). As usual, 320's are below, but you high-maintenance types can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and various other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck. Along with our cherished supporters & commenters, some thanks are in order - but, so as not to sully any reputations, we'll keep mum for the moment.


Sounds For Detuned Ensemble
...(w/ The Occasional Psychedelic Suggestion) (7:22)
"Is This Phase 2...?" (Moon Mix) (11:04)

How Bizarre (5:58)
The Thumb Drum Variations (12:04)

Free 320

#85 Hold On A Second, I Gotta Take A Piss: Drum Auditions, Guerrilla Recording Techniques & The Ghost Of Frank Zappa

Most of this was recorded over the course of a couple of weeks in various places... old school, guerrilla-style, hit-and-run-type sessions that took another couple of weeks to edit. It's got a bit of a theme that some might pick up on. Others won't care. A continuous 50 minutes, if that's not a deal-breaker. We do all this for you. We hope you know that. Believe it or not... there are follow-ups. 


Side One
200 Motel Room Keys (1:27)
Reptilian Manner (3:25)
Dark Prunes (Edgard's Apocalypto Mix) (2:32)
The Audition/The Curly Howard Tuning Method (3:30)
Nine Types Of Industrial Copyright Theft (5:34)
Glenn Miller's Luggage Is Missing, Too (Remix) (5:34)
Musique Concrète Mixer Pt. 3/Parenthetically Speaking
... (Live At Royal Albert Hall) (4:40)

Side Two
Return Of The Son Of Plywoods In The Dark (22:50)

Free 320

#84 THE AVANT GUARD White Noise System

THE AVANT GUARD… Your Defense Against The Un-Avantful!

Therapeutically speaking, the WHITE NOISE SYSTEM might be precisely what you need to cure your numerous ills and ailments. Played LOW, this 55-minute gestation of pure, uncut, pre-street, white noise will mask bedtime sounds to give you a good night's sleep. But, it can even be used for sharpening your senses. Played LOUD, your faculties will reel at the imagination’s unlimited absurdity. As the static energy pulsates, your brain will attempt to make sense of it all. You’ll think you’re hearing voices, patterns, noises, howling animals, alien communication and wildly non-sensical conspiracy theories. If you experiment by altering the volume levels of the WHITE NOISE SYSTEM, you’ll discover a plethora of differing results. We’ve also thoughtfully included a UK Bonus Track, "White Noise System (30m)," just for collectors... or the certifiable.

“Yeah, but… does it work?,” the skeptic in you might ask. Well, you can take our word for it (ahem). Just pay no heed to the FDA, since we were too broke to pay the necessary fees for government approval. Heck… the fascists even demanded our names before allowing us to make “unsubstantiated medical claims” on the web, can you believe that?

Besides, it will only cost you a click to find out for yourself (which, coincidentally, shields us from any prosecutorial fraud charges). However, being the kind of ardent collector we know you are - boasting unquestionable pedigree, refined tastes and at least one respectable pair of shoes - you could opt for the high quality FLAC, WAV or AIFF versions of WHITE NOISE SYSTEM available via Bandcamp or the streaming players. By the way, our lawyers have memo-ed us that we need to state, up-front, that anyone experiencing any unusual occurrences after listening to the WHITE NOISE SYSTEM - like waking up behind the wheel of a car going 85mph; clucking like a chicken whenever you drive past a fast food joint; or suddenly deciding to rob a bank and anonymously laundering the money though our Bandcamp account - we, THE AVANT GUARD, can not be held liable for your actions.

FYI: No surviving members of The Velvet Underground were harmed during the making of this release.


“White Noise System (55m)” (55:00)
“White Noise System (30m)” (30:00) (UK Bonus Track)

Free 320


THE MANIPULATIONATORS BIO: Using a syncopated collection of re-interpreted themes, organized interruptions, subtly adjusted variations and unrelenting repetition, THE MANIPULATIONATORS re-configure a steady stream of obscure grooves, disguised DNA and questionable invention - meshed with random, magnetically impaled particles, technologically altered waveforms and a few resurrected past glories - into this undeniably trippy collection, boldly trying to establish itself as the spearhead of some rare new cultural movement suspiciously called The New Psychedelia.

THE MANIPULATIONATORS should probably be considered the purest form of flattery, but until then, it’s our sincere hope, belief, and legal position, that the word "influence" carries very broad protections in a court of law. Thanks, by the way, to all you supporting types, and to Gregg & friends for the vox pinch. We've been told that this music has been certified compatible with government-grown medical marijuana currently available in 33 states (and DC).


Side 1
The Killer Awoke Before Dawn... (6:48)
The New Psychedelia (Headphones Not Included) (6:15)
Xenochrony (3:59)

Side 2
"Ladies And Gentlemen... A Psychedelic Circus" (7:08)
The Invisible Man (2:48)
Alive Alive Alive > Excerpt 47 (5:29)
Acted Out Epilogue (3:18)

Free 320

#82 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY Tribute To Sun Ra (1977) w/guest SUN RA

Independently released in 1977, Tribute To Sun Ra was the third and final official album from Art Jackson’s Atrocity. Jackson’s original plan for this LP was to enter the studio with material more structured than The Atrocity’s previous releases, a notion supported by this record’s 1976 (pre-sessions) live recording, “The Outer Limits,” taped at the Spot Me A Five Club in East St. Louis. But something happened that would alter Jackson’s intent… a chance meeting with legendary experimental jazz great Sun Ra, whose unexplained presence at the sessions would ultimately transform the LP’s stylistic approach. It was a seismic shift… or, perhaps, just a re-affirmation of Art Jackson’s core, anti-music intuition. Because, instead of tightening the reins, Jackson decided to completely abandon the group’s prepared material, resulting in The Atrocity’s fiercest, most chaotic album to date.

What listeners will hear on Tribute To Sun Ra is an Atrocity untethered by expectations, forged by alchemy and club work, and firing on all cylinders. An aggressive improvisational sonic assault that would even incorporate recordings of Sun Ra himself, whose distinctive vocals pepper the LP with ruminations on interstellar travel, alien space angels, and Ra's thoughts on an adopted planet in flux. These exclusive Sun Ra vocals have never been heard in any other context, and are available here for the first time in over four decades. There is speculation that Saturn’s man-about-town also performed additional keyboard work on the Hendrix suggestion, “6th Stone From The Sun,” but that suspicion has never been verified by Sun Ra’s estate. Tribute To Sun Ra’s cover, by the way, is different from the original 1977 indie LP (see that one here), and is now updated for the digital age.


Let The Sacred Music Begin (8:09)
Opening Ceremonies (5:48)
29 Psalms (5:20)
The Outer Limits (Live At The Spot Me A Five Club, 1976) (8:52)
6th Stone From The Sun (5:22)
Hoarse Latitudes/Slave Ships To The New World (8:50)

Art Jackson: guitar
Artis Killins: bass
Pharaoh Keyes: keyboards
Kurtis Snider: drums
Joseph Mix: sax/trumpet/flute
Eric Gaye: sax
Mark Napoleon: percussion
Val Heston: violin
Sun Ra: guest voice

Free 320

#81 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY "The Outer Limits" (8:52) b/w "GOUTTAKE" (20:10) ADVANCE SINGLE From Tribute To Sun Ra

"The Outer Limits" is the advance single from the upcoming reissue release of the 3rd LP by Art Jackson's Atrocity, 1977's Tribute To Sun Ra. This preview is a rare club performance recorded in 1976 at the Spot Me A Five Club in East St. Louis, just prior to the album's official studio sessions. Which, by the way, features vocal contributions from Mr. Sun Ra himself (recorded exclusively by Mr. Art Jackson himself). It drops soon, so save your allowance money.

"The Outer Limits" gets its title from guitarist Jackson's otherworldly fret work, which recalls the mysterious allure of the namesake 60s TV show's musical cues. This single's b-side, on the other hand, is a recently unearthed recording from the 1974 Gout sessions. It's a 20-minute long alternate take of "Tomato Reign" - a mind-numbingly chaotic "GOUTTAKE" that is not included on the upcoming Tribute To Sun Ra LP. The free-form noise crowd might appreciate... or not. Almost 30 minutes of previously unheard Art Jackson's Atrocity.


The Outer Limits (Live At The Spot Me A Five Club, 1976) (8:52)
GOUTTAKE (Tomato Reign, Take 2 - 1977 Remix) (Non-LP) (20:10)

Free 320

#80 The Faux Tapes

If we'd been alive in the 70s, and if we'd been influenced by the random, flighty chaos of 1973's The Faust Tapes, we probably would also have been inspired to released this, #80 The Faux Tapes, an odd assortment of ideas, miscues, free-form jams and unrelatable in-jokes, fronted by an LP-styled cover (designed to recall the aforementioned classic of the era), all mixed with the ambience of aged vinyl and household mold. Of course, it sounds nothing like its paraphrased namesake. But, it's not suppose to, either. Just as Satanic Majesties wasn't supposed to sound like Sgt. Pepper's. You see, in the 21st Century, it's all about name-dropping and Google hits. Because of that, lowly web bands like ours are forced to resort to click-baiting to garner the eyes and attention of a world cluttered with noise... noise that's often nosier than our noise. After all, why would you, the discriminating listener, waste his-or-her limited Kardashian, Jay-Z or Ed Sheeran-devoted hours to sample what we're serving up? You wouldn't! Which is why we're counting on your inherent abnormalities (and Google's re-directional aid) to offer you something both alien and absurd.

Because The Faux Tapes includes numerous short segments intercut together, we've included two side-long files alongside the individual tracks, so that the curious can listen online without streaming interruption. It doesn't help the music one bit, but at least your highly cultivated buzz won't get challenged every few minutes. We've also added a patented "Pick Your Ending"© option. Do you want a simple needle lift, or a trendy looped outgroove? (For you post-digital types, the run-out groove is a few seconds that loops continuously until the needle is manually lifted). Or... just keep 'em both, what do we care?


The Faux Tapes - SIDE ONE (21:13)
The Faux Tapes - SIDE TWO (20:37)

Chaos & Chowder (0:54)
Untitled (Space Dirge In Two Parts) (7:25)
Day After Day After Day (2:52)
Tokepoker (1:16)
Commercial Music For An Istanbul Ad Agency (0:60)
King For A Day (Molte Grazie Bella) (3:01)
The Unmarked Grave Next To Arch Stanton (4:46)

Some Avant Garde For The Old Folks (1:33)
A Patsy's Death Dream (1:10)
The Orchestrated Art (Vocal Version) (6:05)
Fukhausen (Extended Remix) (7:15)
Arcticulation (4:17)
Pick Your Ending: Outgroove (0:17)
Pick Your Ending: Needle Lift (0:06)

Free 320

#79 The Splendiferous Octet

Blatant, brazen, brilliant, catchpenny, chichi, chintzy, coarse, crude, flashy, flaunting, florid, frou-frou, garish, gay, glaring, gross, gussied up, jazzy, kitschy, loud, meretricious, obtrusive, ostentatious, pizzazz, pretentious, putting on the ritz, raffish, ritzy, screaming, showy, snazzy, splashy… splendiferous.


The Splendiferous Octet (Sacred) (13:14)
The Crows Know (6:04)

Free 320

#78 Experiments... In Terror!

"The Horror" is part of a larger work that was originally commissioned for use in the Ken Burns documentary, The Vietnam War. For the project, we recorded over 7 hours for the soundtrack, but the deal would eventually fall through - partly because 6 hours of what we submitted consisted of nothing but crickets. So that's on us. We also failed to read the contract's fine print, which we thought guaranteed us $4,180, only to learn that we were supposed to pay $4,180. But what really soured the negotiations was when Ken Burns arose from his chair during the listening preview, opened the window of the 8th floor PBS conference room and - without saying a word - tossed the still playing CD player into the parking lot below. Our only regret was not being able to record the noisy smash (and resulting alarm) when the device landed on an expensive Aston Martin One-77...which was sitting in Ken Burns' parking space. It might have fit in nicely with this release's second offering, "The Coriolis Effect," so named as to attract the attention of DJs in the land down under - otherwise impervious to payola and our collective charms - to broaden our appeal beyond our listening stronghold... grandma's house at Thanksgiving. Another 23 minutes you won't get back (and can't sue for).


The Horror (13:52)
The Coriolis Effect (9:02)

Free 320

#77 Space Box

A spiffy, galaxy-sized, vacuum-packed box o' space compiled for your smoking jacketed pleasure. 13 overtly cosmic space epics and spontaneously stoned dirges - nearly 4 hours worth of mind-bending, patience-testing, brain-frying sound excursions - compiled for those who lack the stamina to weed through our overgrown catalog looking for the spacier, pseudo-psychedelic, often disembodied improvisations we tend to wallow in when the tapes are running. We hope you enjoy this bulbous soundtrack to our wasted lives. It even comes with a fake gatefold CD cover for your amusement. Space Box, like all our releases, is available for free @320 below. But, those whose ears require higher quality WAV, AIFF or FLAC files can download it at Bandcamp, or from the streaming player below, all for a mere $1. Righteous, huh? Well... if nothing else, you’ll still have some Bitcoin left over for Cheetos® and Snapple®. It is the final frontier, after all.


Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief (32:43) #22
Galerienmusik Pt. 1 (9:04) #3
Space (35:32) #69

Landings On Moons Besides Our Own (5:20) #44
Outside The Opium Den (Oscar Coverage) (5:33) #59
Buttery Hog Mosh (8:48) #31
Message From Fornax (Pre-JMST Instrumental) (14:02) #30
Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief - Episode 2 (26:19) #37
Flying (4:34) #44
VGER Love Theme / VGER (10:38) #67

Galerienmusik Pt. 2 (14:22) #3
The Tim Leary Seance Experience (Instrumental) (22:49) #68
'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' As Played By Vanilla Fudge Imitating Iron Butterfly When Fudge Were Forced To Open For Butterfly At The Fillmore West After In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Went Top Ten (40:36) #6

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours, 51 minutes. All selections previously released.

Free 320 Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3 ... or All 3 Parts TOGETHER!

#76 soundsbox

Sound experiments. It's arguable whether this stuff is even listenable. If that's the case, you might actually be able to call it "art." Don't bet on it, though. We've released all of this stuff before as individual posts in our ongoing soundseries. But we're now boxing it up with a spiffy new cover for easy consumption. 15 tracks, approximately 78 minutes, almost like one of those CDs your favorite rock star might release when he's slumming in the "experimental music" field. We all know that just means he finally made enough money to buy some new gear, and he's paying for it by selling his fans the noise it makes when he turns it all on at once. We already had the gear. All tracks previously released.


Free 320

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#75 The Singles Box

The original idea was to release a new single every few weeks and then sell our less-than-impressed fanbase some Limited Edition hard copies at inflated collector's prices. We envisioned including some droll postcards, like The Pixies might do, to justify the exorbitant price tag. In this new age of the music business, bands now know that they have to give away their albums to web-leggers, just to be able to sell the $100 Deluxe Expanded Import Box Set (with some more pieces of paper and, perhaps, a free mini-CD of a bad rehearsal gathering dust on DAT). So... here's our digital version of one such redundant box set, just like the big stars' record companies might concoct. The Singles Box includes our first digital 45 (#45 The Stalker), along with our consecutive series of digital 45s (#52-#56). Click titles for details. All tracks previously released.


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#45 The Stalker 45
#52 Clash On Broadway 45

#53 I Wanna Be Your Man 45
#54 Metal Machine Music 45
#55 The Last Countdown 45
#56 The Trouser Variations 45

#74 "I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono Master)" Official Digital Online RE-Release!

"Most people aren’t aware that Lennon & McCartney's 'I Wanna Be Your Man' is actually a re-write of an old blues tune of the same name. 'Blind somebody' recorded it in the early 1950s, and collectors know of a few records out there that have survived. A sure clue that it's not a Lennon/McCartney original is illustrated by how seriously John & Paul treated the song. For a larf, they pawned it off on The Rolling Stones (theories abound that it was a blatant attempt to derail their career). But, Lennon & McCartney ended up laughing even louder at the bank when the Stones accidentally had their first hit single with it. Then... they gave the song to Ringo to sing - a sure sign of something, to be sure. But because copyright laws were so loose in the 1960s, 'I Wanna Be Your Man' has long been considered just another old, co-opted blues tune that got ‘borrowed’ and goosed-up by a band of upper-poppin' punks with a Merseyside beat. Hey, they were kids, what did they know? So, we stripped the song back to its original Mississippi blues roots. This is why we don't do vocals. Consider yourself warned."

We first debuted an edited variation of this recording via the multi-artist, web-only project, The Beatles Complete On Ukulele... before posting it ourselves as #53 I Wanna Be Your Man 45. But now, in a misguided stab at crossover acceptance, we're re-releasing "I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono Master)" to respectable digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Shazam (and other big time retailers). That's right, we've gone legit - even springing for the necessary licensing so that Lennon & McCartney get their splits for "writing" this 1964 hit for The Rolling Stones, though (as you can read above) their authorship has been irresponsibly challenged and questioned (ahem). The Record Store Day people didn't appreciate any of it, either (and, given our rep, probably didn't believe the MOJO quote was legit. It is, thanks Fred). Those of you who require FLAC, AIFF, WAV or other lossless formats can grab it from the Bandcamp player below. Those deciding to get it from a big time digital distributor (hint hint), and thus helping to push this track into Billboard and Soundscan's Top 10... we humbly thank you.


I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono Master) (3:04)

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#73 The Behest Of We're Late For Class
- Big Time Digital Mega-Store Release!

In yet another attempt to inflict what we do on the masses, we are (for the first time) officially releasing a compilation of previously-released material to big league, professional, corporate digital retailers - like iTunes, Shazam, Amazon, CD Baby and others. Who'll collectively have no warning about what is secretly infesting their sites and playlists. Precisely what you'll find here is 80 minutes of grooved-out jams, short bursts of nonsense, a mind-numbing 22:44 opus, and even a taste of our jazz-blistered alter-ego, Art Jackson's Atrocity. All thoughtfully sequenced and ever-mindful of your blissed-out smoking jacketed listening pleasure.... just like the sub-header says. None of which should be any surprise to our devoted and loyal followers... if that's indeed who you are. Your kind already know where to grab 320 files of this material, while those with sound fetishes requiring FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other high-quality formats can visit Bandcamp (or any of our streaming players). Full releases are a mere $1. Click the linked #'s behind each title below to visit our original posts. Virtually all of this was recorded live, without rehearsals, without much thought and without much sobriety. We advise adopting the same mindset.


1000 Islands (Two) (1:24) #4
Burden Bearers (Of Aristocracy) (4:54) #15
Trippin' In A Plymouth Belvedere (w/ College Sweater Breach & The Misplaced Prelude) (10:25) #32
Final Moments Of Barry Cowsill (Redux 4) (10:08) #14
Fukhausen (Excerpt) (2:22) #3
The Air In Another Country (Soundtrack To An East Berlin Spaghetti ...Western) (11:00) #51
(Another) Summer Of Heigel (8:22) #9
Jazz Interlude (0:33) #46
Bob Can Hear Us (22:44) #29
Available Bush (from GOUT, by Art Jackson's Atrocity) (7:16) #71

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#72 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY Live In Europe (1975)

The long-lost second LP from Art Jackson's Atrocity. Recorded live in Germany, just months after Gout (the band's 1974 debut album for Columbia Records) was shelved, deemed unsellable by the label's corporate hierarchy. Turning down a January, 1975 invitation to support Miles Davis in Tokyo, The Atrocity decided instead to blitzkrieg Germany, finding a receptive audience for their incendiary style of improvisational jazz/noise/rock. First issued as an independent LP in St. Louis, circa 1975, Live In Europe is the only known live document of Art Jackson's Atrocity - though… all of the Atrocity's work was recorded live as it happened. Live In Europe, however, captures the frenetic energy that can only be found in a live setting, as artist and audience face off for an anticipatory clash of unknown expectations and improvisational possibilities. The enthusiastic response from the jazz-hungry Germans in both Düsseldorf and Berlin provides an exhilarating backdrop to The Atrocity's only overseas performances. Now, for the first time in over 40 years, a new generation of listeners has the opportunity to hear the musical madness of a close-knit collective of anti-social misfits with no corporate goals. What might have been... had label indifference, drug abuse and multiple incarcerations not derailed one of the 1970's more unpredictable forebears of a futuristic musical dystopia few were willing to believe could possibly exist.


#31994 (4:22)
The Continuum (4:55)
Death Train To Nuremberg (4:06)
Birds On Fire (7:59)
Birds On Fire, Part 2 (11:14)

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"This is the tale of one of the great lost experimental jazz/rock albums. According to legend, Gout was bankrolled by Miles Davis in 1974, delivered to Columbia Records and pressed for promotion… then summarily abandoned by the label. Reasons, besides its lack of commercial potential, are unclear. Though theories range from guitarist Art Jackson’s already developed heroin addiction to Columbia’s desire to distance themselves from a band that may have included a few radical Black Panthers. Reportedly, when Miles (with his own drug problems) began withdrawing into seclusion, so did the desire to release Gout. Specializing in free form, live-in-the-studio, jazz/rock experimentation, The Atrocity was a chaotic, 8 to 11 piece collective fronted by the 20-year-old Jackson – whose guitar explorations were prone to both violent outbursts and spacey sonic excursions. No charts, no songs, no rhyme or reason. Driven by heavy-propulsion drumming, the musical interplay between the players suggests a drug-fueled free for all." - Willard, Never Get Out Of The Boat

"I've heard Gout and, whatever the provenance, it's a fine, percussion-fuelled, invigorating free-for-all." - Fred Dellar, MOJO Magazine


Shaft In Afghanistan (7:36)
Arabian Fabian (9:02)
Available Bush (7:15)
Chimps Do Five (Bonus Track ) (8:54) Gout (Remastered & Expanded) Only
Tomato Reign (16:11)
Gout (6:21)

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LOSSLESS (Remastered & Expanded Bonus Track Version)

Limited Edition CD Release...

Art Jackson's Atrocity *SOLD OUT*
Gout (Remastered & Expanded) Promo CD