#86 Side 3 & Side 4

Is this phase two of Hold On A Second, I Gotta Take A Piss? More raw, live, on-the-fly sessions that tend to be short on brevity. Voted #1 by the "Headphone Abusers" Facebook Support Group. Over 35 minutes that can't be duplicated by one of those random noise generators, for better or worse. It might be psychedelic, but to be sure, you should probably consult your dictionary. Think of this as material that didn't fit on our last one (for acronym enthusiasts, #85HOASIGTAP:DAGRT&TGOFZ). As usual, 320's are below, but you high-maintenance types can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and various other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck. Along with our cherished supporters & commenters, some thanks are in order - but, so as not to sully any reputations, we'll keep mum for the moment.


Sounds For Detuned Ensemble
...(w/ The Occasional Psychedelic Suggestion) (7:22)
"Is This Phase 2...?" (Moon Mix) (11:04)

How Bizarre (5:58)
The Thumb Drum Variations (12:04)

Free 320


Anonymous said...

Cheers as always. A joy to listen to you guys.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for listening.