#95 The Faux Tapes II: 71 Minutes

"WLFC's Faustian masterpiece."
- Uncut

"A creative explosion of sound, effects and ideas."
- Pitchfork

"Far more engaging and inventive than its namesake."
- Billboard

"An analog feast for needy ears lost in exile since the 70's."
- Smarter Than You Are Press

You are aware that you have to take everything we say "with a grain of salt," right? The UK's MOJO Magazine actually wrote that about us in print (that's true), but it's sound advice, regardless. Anyway, here's #95 The Faux Tapes II: 71 Minutes. Our follow-up to #80 The Faux Tapes. Believe it or not, there are actually 71 minutes on this one - providing evidence that we've probably stolen more than just a title. The 24-minute aural albatross, "The Epic Medley Piece," is broken down into sections below for your edification. There's more of this rot in the pipeline, so beware of being encouraging. You might already know that free 320's are found below, while those of you who need more can get FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other elevated file formats from our Bandcamp page (or players) for a lousy buck.


1. Adventures In Analog Group Think (Embryo) (8:48)
    Soundcheck (0:14)
    Flying (Remix) (2:51)
    The 'Noids (1:55)
    Arigato Barbieri (1:08)
    Island (Of Lost Souls) (2:22)
    Thrown Face First From A Moving Vehicle (4:01)
    Reply From Fornax (4:23)
    Areola Borealis (4:58) 
 3. Live (1:35) 
 4. The Monolith Monsters (aka Monster Magnet Remix) (8:19) 
 5. Fury Of The Damned (11:20) 
 6. Untitled (0:37) 
 7. I-Land Generic (4:09) 
 8. Call Out The Chords (Mixed On The Fly) (11:26) 
 9. The 71st Minute (0:59)

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