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#71 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY Gout (2016) Remastered & Expanded - The True Story Behind The "Unreleased 1974 Album!"

Now The Truth Can Be Told...

We didn't even have a band name when we first went into a 24-track recording studio in Central Florida to record Gout. It's the result of a live, six-hour, totally improvised session that, when it was all said and done, sounded something like a directionless gang of misfits on a jazz/rock bender, circa 1974. So, with that thought in mind, we created a band name and a story line that reflected the music, and Art Jackson's Atrocity was born. It wasn't meant to be some grand hoax, and the back story myth - about a bunch of junkie ex-Black Panthers bankrolled by Miles Davis and signed to Columbia Records - seemed jokingly transparent enough on the surface. At least to us. But, none of it mattered much, since our MySpace page, where this music was first posted in 2006, was roundly ignored. Our only "friend" was that corporate tool, Tom, who befriended all the lonely newbies on MySpace. Just prior to shutting the site down (for lack of interest) we were contacted by Willard at Never Get Out Of The Boat (later known as Willard's Wormholes), who said he liked what he heard and wanted to re-post the material on his music sharing blog. So he did, paraphrasing our MySpace profile, which we thought would be recognized as the obvious ruse that it was...

"This is the tale of one of the great lost experimental jazz/rock albums. According to legend, Gout was bankrolled by Miles Davis in 1974, delivered to Columbia Records and pressed for promotion… then summarily abandoned by the label. Reasons, besides its lack of commercial potential, are unclear. Though theories range from guitarist Art Jackson’s already developed heroin addiction to Columbia’s desire to distance themselves from a band that may have included a few radical Black Panthers. Reportedly, when Miles (with his own drug problems) began withdrawing into seclusion, so did the desire to release Gout. Specializing in free form, live-in-the-studio, jazz/rock experimentation, The Atrocity was a chaotic, 8 to 11 piece collective fronted by the 20 year old Jackson – whose guitar explorations were prone to both violent outbursts and spacey sonic excursions. No charts, no songs, no rhyme or reason. Driven by extra heavy propulsion drumming, the musical interplay between the players suggests a drug fueled free for all."

Then something funny happened... Reviewer Joe Kenney picked up the story and wrote a review at Julian Cope's Head Heritage, focusing in on the "fucked-up, psychedelic distortion which goes raging and chaotic one moment to spaced-out drones the next." Others began debating its origins, including a thread called "Art Jackson's Atrocity A Hoax?" also at Head Heritage. An Italian jazz band, Catasto Elettrico, were, at one point, named as Gout's perpetrators, but they had a reputation of their own to protect and quickly denied any involvement. Commenters on WFMU's Beware Of The Blog began suggesting that an artist named The Exotic Prince was actually Art Jackson, a notion repeated at Discogs, where a bootleg LP was posted. Many pointed to the obvious reasons this music couldn't have been recorded in 1974, from modern studio characteristics to a dialog sample from the 1987 movie, Full Metal Jacket. When physical LP & CD bootlegs of our online MP3s began to appear on foreign websites, featuring what our MySpace page called "the only known photo of Art Jackson" (in reality, a pic of a cool looking dude we cut out of a magazine), it became apparent that our joke was starting to get out of hand. So... for the 10th Anniversary of our original posting of Gout - first heard with fake vinyl scratches and a Photoshopped "promo" cover created from an old Miles Davis album - it's time we fessed up.

Yes, Art Jackson's Atrocity is actually We're Late For Class.

Gout (Remastered & Expanded): We've revisited our original tapes to create a long overdue "Remastered & Expanded" version of Gout, which now includes a previously unreleased bonus track from the original studio sessions, "Chimps Do Five." We've removed the fake vinyl "scratches" and took out the movie dialog, and are now making it officially available to the public for the first time.

Because we've always given our music away for free, you can still download the original MySpace MP3s of Gout, the 5-track version that has been floating around the web for 10 years, at the bottom of this post. For our "special" fans who want to catch up with all of our We're Late For Class releases, our UPDATED USB Flash Drive release, 4 Gigs In Kingston - The Complete We're Late For Class, has been updated to include both old and new digital versions of Art Jackson's Atrocity, including Live In Europe. And, to maximize all of our marketing potential, we've pressed up our first official CD release, a professionally reproduced, Limited Edition "Promo" CD of Gout (Remastered & Expanded) - complete with a retro cut-out hole on the sleeve - and now available direct from us for $7.99 (+ postage) How's that for cross-platform marketing? Don't forget to download Gout's free .pdf Press Pack below, featuring reproductions of the original 2006 MySpace pages, real reviews, fake reviews, newspaper articles and myth-making interviews with members of The Atrocity.

So... now the truth is out, and we've been exposed for the liars and charlatans that any of our regular visitors here have known us to be all along. We hope you enjoy Gout (Remastered & Expanded), and we hope you are curious enough to check out our other 76 posts. They're all downloadable for free (320 MP3s), but those who require higher quality files can pay $1 for full album FLACS, AIFFS, WAVS and more from Bandcamp. We appreciate the beer money.

"I've heard Gout and, whatever the provenance, it's a fine, percussion-fuelled, invigorating free-for-all.
- Fred Dellar, MOJO Magazine

Telling The Entire Story, From The First Pages On MySpace To Now!
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FREE DOWNLOAD (The "1974" Scratchy 5-Track Version of Gout)


Radio Free Wohlman said...

You motherfuckers - I love it!

I should have known.

Your old pal,

Radio Free Wohlman

We're Late For Class said...

Yeah, you should have. You're one of the few people who've actually listened to our shit over the years. Thanks for that, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Simly GREAT, guys!
Mike Floyd from HLFP


Thanks for leaving a comment over at NSS.
I have the original scratchy Gout
(as well as all the rest of your great body
[of work, perverts]).
I love the truth behind the hoax...
now, I'm ordering the CD to add to my Piltdown Man bone collection.
Keep it up (go see alice).

We're Late For Class said...

Hey NØ,

Thanks for the life-long support. Except... we NOW question your formerly unquestionable judgement. No worries. Thanks for indulging in the CD. We promise we won't print your address, so other needy bands looking for beer money don't start calling on you to support THEIR unsupportable projects. We know how philanthropic work works, since we've often been the recipients of it. Who knows... maybe we'll collectively die in a kiln explosion and you'll be able to get your money back by charging post-death collector's prices for our memorabilia. It could happen. Thanks, NØ.


Man, you FLA cats got some speedy delivery.

Thanks so much.

We're Late For Class said...

That was shipped from one of our 24 distribution centers spread across the United States and Canada (we were optimistically expecting a higher volume of orders). Glad you got it, NØ... and thanks for getting it.

Eric said...

I love it bro! thanks for sharing

Dirk Bill said...

This is goddamn hilarious. I found this probably on Willard's a while ago and when I saw it on my drive I decided to revisit the story to see if anybody had figured it out. Gotta order this shit now. Thanks for such a great musical urban myth.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey... we were serious! *smirk* Thanks for the support, Dirk.

Dirk Bill said...

Just grabbed the CD and the USB. And although I'd never heard of you guys until now, this is proof that it's never too late to discover great music.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks again, Dirk. Hope you've got enough $ left over for the drugs you're going to need to endure 4.5 gigs of WLFC. (We just sent you a note, too.) We appreciate you egging us on.

Dirk Bill said...

HA I actually did enough in my life already that I can probably manage without them! And thanks for the "note"! I'm really looking forward to this controlled mayhem.

DoKtor Alphonzo said...

Top shit

We're Late For Class said...

We always listen to our DoKtor, thanks.