#89 Concoctions For Stoners & Self-Inflictionists

What do criminals, poets and oddballs like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Swaggart, Christian Bale, Francis E. Dec, Jim Carroll, Gil-Scott Heron, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Noah Young and Sweet Valley High have in common? Don’t ask. But feel free to forward any Cease and Desist letters to our lawyers at Dewey, Cheatem And Howe.

We had planned this to be a short collection of our latest concocted anomalies, but decided to pad this set with a few oldies to plug our back catalog. It’s something we learned from big-time record companies, proving once again that we can be as greedy and self-serving as the best of them. In keeping with time-honored tradition, free 320's are below, while those whose ears are sensitive to the limitations of MP3s, can score FLAC, AIFF, WAV and other file formats from our Bandcamp page (and/or players) for a mere buck.


Soundcheck (1:11) 
I Know (Alt End) (6:13) Original On #66 Jazz From Outer Space, Vol. 2 
“Is This One Of Your Long Playing Records, Chuck? Let’s Hear The ...Other Side” (1:35) 
Ali Ali (Alt End) (4:53) Original On #27 Caravan Psoriasis 
The Ultimate Cover-Up (3:14) 
The Writings Of Francis E. Dec, Esquire (5:12) 
The Stalker (Ronnie Don’t) (Alt End) (3:51) Original On #45 The Stalker 45
Confusion 2020 (6:01) 
Tomorrow In March (Remix) (4:23) Original On #55 The Last Countdown 45 
The Sinner (6:21) 
The Military & The Monetary (5:24)

Free 320


Stu said...

Interesting album....many thanks for this and all the other great music you kindly share with us all,it is very much appreciated....hope you are all well at 'We're Late For Class '....Stu

Jobe said...

OK I'll bite. Thank you

We're Late For Class said...

Wow. Comments!
We thought our 'Post a Comment' link was busted all this time.
Thanks for the kind words, Stu.
And thanks for the support over at your places, Jobe, we appreciate it.