THE MANIPULATIONATORS BIO: Using a syncopated collection of re-interpreted themes, organized interruptions, subtly adjusted variations and unrelenting repetition, THE MANIPULATIONATORS re-configure a steady stream of obscure grooves, disguised DNA and questionable invention - meshed with random, magnetically impaled particles, technologically altered waveforms and a few resurrected past glories - into this undeniably trippy collection, boldly trying to establish itself as the spearhead of some rare new cultural movement suspiciously called The New Psychedelia.

THE MANIPULATIONATORS should probably be considered the purest form of flattery, but until then, it’s our sincere hope, belief, and legal position, that the word "influence" carries very broad protections in a court of law. Thanks, by the way, to all you supporting types, and to Gregg & friends for the vox pinch. We've been told that this music has been certified compatible with government-grown medical marijuana currently available in 33 states (and DC).


Side 1
The Killer Awoke Before Dawn... (6:48)
The New Psychedelia (Headphones Not Included) (6:15)
Xenochrony (3:59)

Side 2
"Ladies And Gentlemen... A Psychedelic Circus" (7:08)
The Invisible Man (2:48)
Alive Alive Alive > Excerpt 47 (5:29)
Acted Out Epilogue (3:18)

Free 320




We're Late For Class said...

Thanks again, NØ.

Gill said...

These guys sound great... Thanks a bunch. Be Well.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey... fan mail. You know this isn't the line to vote right? Thanks Gil.