#80 The Faux Tapes

If we'd been alive in the 70s, and if we'd been influenced by the random, flighty chaos of 1973's The Faust Tapes, we probably would also have been inspired to released this, #80 The Faux Tapes, an odd assortment of ideas, miscues, free-form jams and unrelatable in-jokes, fronted by an LP-styled cover (designed to recall the aforementioned classic of the era), all mixed with the ambience of aged vinyl and household mold. Of course, it sounds nothing like its paraphrased namesake. But, it's not suppose to, either. Just as Satanic Majesties wasn't supposed to sound like Sgt. Pepper's. You see, in the 21st Century, it's all about name-dropping and Google hits. Because of that, lowly web bands like ours are forced to resort to click-baiting to garner the eyes and attention of a world cluttered with noise... noise that's often nosier than our noise. After all, why would you, the discriminating listener, waste his-or-her limited Kardashian, Jay-Z or Ed Sheeran-devoted hours to sample what we're serving up? You wouldn't! Which is why we're counting on your inherent abnormalities (and Google's re-directional aid) to offer you something both alien and absurd.

Because The Faux Tapes includes numerous short segments intercut together, we've included two side-long files alongside the individual tracks, so that the curious can listen online without streaming interruption. It doesn't help the music one bit, but at least your highly cultivated buzz won't get challenged every few minutes. We've also added a patented "Pick Your Ending"© option. Do you want a simple needle lift, or a trendy looped outgroove? (For you post-digital types, the run-out groove is a few seconds that loops continuously until the needle is manually lifted). Or... just keep 'em both, what do we care?


The Faux Tapes - SIDE ONE (21:13)
The Faux Tapes - SIDE TWO (20:37)

Chaos & Chowder (0:54)
Untitled (Space Dirge In Two Parts) (7:25)
Day After Day After Day (2:52)
Tokepoker (1:16)
Commercial Music For An Istanbul Ad Agency (0:60)
King For A Day (Molte Grazie Bella) (3:01)
The Unmarked Grave Next To Arch Stanton (4:46)

Some Avant Garde For The Old Folks (1:33)
A Patsy's Death Dream (1:10)
The Orchestrated Art (Vocal Version) (6:05)
Fukhausen (Extended Remix) (7:15)
Arcticulation (4:17)
Pick Your Ending: Outgroove (0:17)
Pick Your Ending: Needle Lift (0:06)

Free 320

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