#16 The Second Party Tapes

What if Steppenwolf had explored their hidden jam band? What if they had unleashed the undisciplined madness of guys like Mars Bonfire and Nick St. Nicholas? All drugs and fury, no commercial sense. You know Goldie McJohn was game. That's what's going on here...

We recently attended The Second Party - a gathering of stoners, drinkers and trippers whose sole aim was to get thoroughly inebriated and spend the night deciphering how everyone's costumes and/or actions related to "The Second." (We missed The First Party last year, but heard plenty about it.) So, beforehand, a bunch of us were thinking of different ideas - from Buzz Aldrin to Second Life to World War II. But then Rudy, already blitzed and ready to party three weeks ahead of time, came up with the idea of Steppenwolf's The Second LP. Perfect! So... instead of trying to dress up as an avatar or a bombed out Dusseldorf, all we needed were a few Nehrus, some shades... and music. Lonnie whipped up some samples from Steppenwolf The Second and then a bunch of us just toked up and jammed as we were hearing them, so it's sort of live. The party, by the way, was a righteous blast. Our favorites included the (nearly) naked girl with the Second Law of Thermodynamics written all over her body (everyone was interested in boning up on thermodynamics all of a sudden), the second of time guy (those Physics majors are a hoot to trip with) and even Jesus (The Second Coming). The very popular Shelly (with a bag of joints) made the rounds as second hand smoke. A good time was had by all.


The Second Part 1 (Faster) (3:25)
The Second Part 2 (Hodge Podge) (2:52)
The Second Part 3 (Resurrection) (2:37)
The Second Part 4 (Lost & Found) (3:02) 

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Psychotronic420 said...

Very cool....Many thanx for this

Good 2 know that there are folks out there that still like to fly their freak flags once in a while...........


We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, thanks for commenting. It's not us, though. It's the herb talkin'.
All the best,

mick55 said...

Oh yeah....Faust Can Neu!.

Then Pharoah Sanders hijacks track 3.

And then.......it's back to the groove.