#14 The Final Moments of Barry Cowsill

These sessions came about as a result of a story we caught regarding Barry Cowsill, the guy from the 60's bubblegum band that was found dead after Hurricane Katrina. We don't want to repeat some of the ideas it spawned, though... one of 'em is here - "Final Moments of Barry Cowsill (Redux 4)." Toke it up & turn it up and the imagery should come pretty easy, what with the helicopters, ticking of precious seconds, many trapped and crying top shelf cats, Barry's hallucinatory ramblings, sad lasts gasps and a big, "almost Chinese" fanfare finale. Whether Barry was actually trapped beneath his fallen piano while the water rose to only an inch above his nose is pure speculation, of course. Our apologies to all offended. Technically it's a "parody," so we can't really be sued over depicting the fictional final moments of a washed-up (no pun intended) celebrity. Before you ask, the digital glitch in the beginning of "Blunt Force Trauma (Unit)" is part of the track, not your system. We're claiming that the tune - a mournful eulogy for New Orleans that Barry may have been composing and playing when disaster struck - displays a darker side of Mr. Cowsill, the sensitive, forgotten and often dismissed artist (... who just happened to play in a band with his mom). Both tracks are live & improvised. See also "The Barry Cowsill Monologue."


Blunt Force Trauma (Unit) (9:42)
Final Moments Of Barry Cowsill (Redux 4) (10:08) 

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