#81 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY "The Outer Limits" (8:52) b/w "GOUTTAKE" (20:10) ADVANCE SINGLE From Tribute To Sun Ra

"The Outer Limits" is the advance single from the upcoming reissue release of the 3rd LP by Art Jackson's Atrocity, 1977's Tribute To Sun Ra. This preview is a rare club performance recorded in 1976 at the Spot Me A Five Club in East St. Louis, just prior to the album's official studio sessions. Which, by the way, features vocal contributions from Mr. Sun Ra himself (recorded exclusively by Mr. Art Jackson himself). It drops soon, so save your allowance money.

"The Outer Limits" gets its title from guitarist Jackson's otherworldly fret work, which recalls the mysterious allure of the namesake 60s TV show's musical cues. This single's b-side, on the other hand, is a recently unearthed recording from the 1974 Gout sessions. It's a 20-minute long alternate take of "Tomato Reign" - a mind-numbingly chaotic "GOUTTAKE" that is not included on the upcoming Tribute To Sun Ra LP. The free-form noise crowd might appreciate... or not. Almost 30 minutes of previously unheard Art Jackson's Atrocity.


The Outer Limits (Live At The Spot Me A Five Club, 1976) (8:52)
GOUTTAKE (Tomato Reign, Take 2 - 1977 Remix) (Non-LP) (20:10)

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Roz said...

Very cool!

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for stopping by M&M. Sorry we didn't send out advance notices. It's Columbus Day and we're celebrating by sailing in Hianisport this weekend.

Pete said...

There's a dispute going on for quite some time now - whether Art Jackson's Atrocity were really a 70s band or an 80s band from Florida. Many think the whole thing is a hoax, hope someone would settle the issue. Thanks for posting!

We're Late For Class said...

A hoax? Can't imagine who would start such a rumor.