#78 Experiments... In Terror!

"The Horror" is part of a larger work that was originally commissioned for use in the Ken Burns documentary, The Vietnam War. For the project, we recorded over 7 hours for the soundtrack, but the deal would eventually fall through - partly because 6 hours of what we submitted consisted of nothing but crickets. So that's on us. We also failed to read the contract's fine print, which we thought guaranteed us $4,180, only to learn that we were supposed to pay $4,180. But what really soured the negotiations was when Ken Burns arose from his chair during the listening preview, opened the window of the 8th floor PBS conference room and - without saying a word - tossed the still playing CD player into the parking lot below. Our only regret was not being able to record the noisy smash (and resulting alarm) when the device landed on an expensive Aston Martin One-77...which was sitting in Ken Burns' parking space. It might have fit in nicely with this release's second offering, "The Coriolis Effect," so named as to attract the attention of DJs in the land down under - otherwise impervious to payola and our collective charms - to broaden our appeal beyond our listening stronghold... grandma's house at Thanksgiving. Another 23 minutes you won't get back (and can't sue for).


The Horror (13:52)
The Coriolis Effect (9:02)

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GVM from Radio PBS said...

I resemble your remarks!!

We're Late For Class said...

Our lawyers have instructed us to post the following disclaimer: "Any resemblance to any people, places, pets or DJs, living or dead, is strictly coincidental and should not be construed as a method by which to incite, suggest, request or beg for airplay in any country, province, territory, municipality, region, shire, village, parish, district or police state.

That said... thanks for the support down under, GVM.