#13 Rainy Day Schattenwoelfe

We're Late For Class
VS. Stolle & Member
So these strange German guys, Stolle & Member, took one of our tracks and overdubbed it (it's called "In The Gallery"). Then they sent us one of their basic tracks (from their Reuschberg album sessions) and suggested we do the same. So... here it is.

Since the first half of S&M's 20 minute basic track was heavy on atmosphere, we kinda took over the proceedings. During the second half, S&M reigned supreme. Because it was a rainy day outside, we almost turned this into a cover of Faust's "It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" but wisely decided against that. Although... we then unwisely went ahead and recorded an improvisational cover of the classic Faust song anyway. Since we're sort of hangin' around with Germans now we apparently think it's OK to do that sort of thing. Shelly predicts we won't sell a single copy. We're all inclined to agree. You can hear Stolle & Member's usual madness over at emptyblaukraut, and both of us below. Our parts were recorded live.


We're Late For Class VS. Stolle & Member Schattenwoelfe (in der Kleidung des Schafs) (15:58)
We're Late For Class It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (4:56)

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stolle said...

Okay, there you go. Downloading it right now. As we are part of the Faust-Mailing-List and in contact with Jean Hervé, we'll let them know you did cover them, also. By the way, they got a very good new record out, DISCONNECTED, with Jean Herve Peron back in the group, check it out!
greets from the krauts...
luv, stollllllllllle

We're Late For Class said...


stolle said...

Listened to it now. Great. Thanks for taking the effort of overdubbing. By the way, I'm also through now with the rest of your stuff. First thing that came to my mind were the residents. Love it.
Keep on doing the good work!
luv, stollllllle

member said...

I post the whole thing at our blog too. Really cool. As you see Overdubbing can be an easy job...
There's no need to be only in jam sessions spontaneous. Just be free in everything you do. Let our freakship continue...

Catasto Elettrico said...

Hi folks
listening to this stuff we asked ourselves: may some of our music fit in an experiment of overdubbing? We are absolutely out of the game of making it, but if someone of you will have the willing to take another challenge with himself, we are very curious of what should be... by the way, cool results here, but bluekraut page hase become too heavy for our PC to open, we do not know why...
all the bests
Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

Hi guys,

Let's give it a try.

We're taking a break for a couple of weeks but send us something and we'll try anything once. Surprise us.

To tell you the truth... we hate overdubbing. We prefer to just make it up as we go, but we love you guys and would love to try something together.


Catasto Elettrico said...

Here we are... we simply have no idea of the technical aspects of the overdubbing... and to be honest too, probably we will not have the time on our side to learn it... but we will try to find a small piece or two to send to you (unless you prefer to extrapolate something from our albums): member said they overdubs almost every rumor, but we'll try to choose something a bit more comfortable to work on. But above all... take it easy, take your time and do it only if the material will fit your tastes. have a good break and see you here and there... Cheers
Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

Let's do it!
We can only fail, right?
The fun is trying.
When you send us something... leave us some room to make noise.
Looking forward to it.
All the best.

member said...

your translation wasn't too bad. It was all right....
In 2003 we read the "Songs of Ice and Fire" Books by George R.R. Martin, we got the title from there.
Stay tuned

smithma7 said...

Enjoying your music and the "liner notes." Very entertaining. I've not listened to all of it yet, but being a fan of Floyd, I especially enjoyed #6.

Have you guys listened to Boris yet?

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Smitty,

Thanks for listening and for the nice stuff you've said. Yeah, we've heard a couple of things by Boris. We especially like the slower, druggy stuff, but the amped-up crazy psych stuff is just as cool. Unfortunately, we listen to us too much. We need to get out more.
All The Best,