#35 Jazz From Outer Space

Two raw, virtually unedited jams. We normally cut these things down to make them a little snappier, but not this time. These sleepy extendos will put you down like a diseased rhino. We've done tests. Another 23 plus minutes of here today, gone tomorrow improvisation. For those that leave comments wanting the raw, unedited stuff, this is why we don't do that. A heightened state of awareness is recommended to obtain optimum entertainment euphoria. The pre-law guys insist we state that this music doesn't actually emanate from outer space. And, yes that's Paul MCC sitting in, thanks. Recorded live.


The Premiere & Final Performance Of Jazz From Outer Space (10:31) 
Particle Alert (12:55)

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RevRev said...

Oh Happy Day!
Can't wait to listen. Look for your listing on my site under favorite links...
Hallelujah! WLFC has done it again!

Jeff said...

Happy day, new WLFC. Unfortunately I can't critique your latest offering because everytime I put it on I find myself waking up in my desk chair saying "What the #@%$^", Sominex watch out.


We're Late For Class said...

Hey thanks, Rev. That's real nice. After our mothers collectively chew us all out for our "alledged" activities, they'll be showing your page to their neighbors to validate their support. Thanks, WLFC

We're Late For Class said...

Jeff, don't just lay there in a pool of your own spittle. You gotta walk it off.

Jeff said...

Took a whole pack of Nodoze and finally made it through the 22 minutes. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hate to break me streak but there it is, I said it.


We're Late For Class said...

22 minutes? It's 23:26 long. Despite your best efforts, you snoozed for a minute and a half. And it was probably the best part.

Anonymous said...

spiffing stuff
toodle pip
ps the art work!

rongtolas said...

I love your stuff. Downloading the new one now, can't wait to pass out. Then Kew veddimuch.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for the comments. Sorry it took so long to reply. We're concocting excuses now.

mick55 said...

...Tortoise wants to be Isaac Hayes.

They say this cat WLFC is a bad mother...
Just talkin 'bout WLFC........

Can you dig it?

Suddenly Manuel G├Âttsching appears and tries to bogart track 2.
Ax and Mani kicks his ass and provide a distorted lockstep groove.

Cosmic Jokers meet the Guru twice.

Very nice.