Our 34th release. We're nothing, if not tenacious. For legal purposes, we're forced to mention that any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. But, we're not going to try and put anything past you guys. One might say that JUICE is ripped from today's headlines but, it's actually ripped from 1994's headlines. History just has a funny way of going around/coming around. Kind of like karma. One could call it a rock opera, but then... no one would listen to it. Not even you. So just say it's another 20 minutes of improvisation & manipulation with a killer theme. Recorded live.

Pattern Of Abuse (7:31)
Manhunt (4:21)
The Fugitive (7:45)

Free 320

We play this way too much around here. Affectionately known as "Platypus Manhunt," it's one of four videos posted over at YouTube by our web buddy, slaxor. Thanks a million.


Anonymous said...

You guys think of everything great!

Anonymous said...

Another instant - or dare I say, fresh squeezed - classic! And here's to all the garbologists of the world. Come the Great Depression II we'll all be dumpster-diving while wearing iPods...

Anonymous said...

Track 4 "THE BONUS" you never sounded better musically. sorry couldn't help it. A.J. & I have been in your bins and what a thesis we will be writing, hopefully with his help it won't be this boring.


Anonymous said...

great stuff young students.is there any truth that OJ is changing his name to KY? and he thought getting a hand into a glove was a tight fit.Justice is a truly wonderful thing.
merry christmas wlfc
yours scav

We're Late For Class said...

Burning the midnight oil, eh, scav? Thanks for listening Rev & scav.

mike-floyd said...

Merry Xmas to you!

The new Homemade-Lofi-Psych sampler is ready and can be downloaded for free here:



We're Late For Class said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for all your promotion of free, psych and new blog bands (and us, too).

Anonymous said...

happy new year wlfc and everyone that visits this great site

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on this blog a few weeks ago, been really enjoying it ever since. Fantastic stuff. Your music is inspiring me to start my own music blog (though I've been posting music on the web for a long, long time)...

member said...

have to tell you we're back again with new stuff, this time our last concert with damo suzuki.... today I started to get the last sessions from yours and will listen to it, after I get through all the music of the natural snow buildings...
...i liked the catasto idea of a festival of the free music scene, maybe someday....
so, in the meantime it's 2009... where is your next post... ha ha
all the best

We're Late For Class said...

Our next post... we were just thinking about that.