#77 Space Box

Expect some new WLFC material coming soon... but until then, we’re offering this spiffy, galaxy-sized, vacuum-packed box o' space for your smoking jacketed pleasure. 13 overtly cosmic space epics and spontaneously stoned dirges - nearly 4 hours worth of mind-bending, patience-testing, brain-frying sound excursions - compiled for those who lack the stamina to weed through our overgrown catalog looking for the spacier, pseudo-psychedelic, often disembodied improvisations we tend to wallow in when the tapes are running. We hope you enjoy this bulbous soundtrack to our wasted lives. It even comes with a fake gatefold CD cover for your amusement. Space Box, like all our releases, is available for free @320 below. But, those whose ears require higher quality WAV, AIFF or FLAC files can download it at Bandcamp, or from the streaming player below, all for a mere $1. Righteous, huh? Well... if nothing else, you’ll still have some Bitcoin left over for Cheetos® and Snapple®. It is the final frontier, after all.


Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief (32:43) #22
Galerienmusik Pt. 1 (9:04) #3
Space (35:32) #69

Landings On Moons Besides Our Own (5:20) #44
Outside The Opium Den (Oscar Coverage) (5:33) #59
Buttery Hog Mosh (8:48) #31
Message From Fornax (Pre-JMST Instrumental) (14:02) #30
Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief - Episode 2 (26:19) #37
Flying (4:34) #44
VGER Love Theme / VGER (10:38) #67

Galerienmusik Pt. 2 (14:22) #3
The Tim Leary Seance Experience (Instrumental) (22:49) #68
'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' As Played By Vanilla Fudge Imitating Iron Butterfly When Fudge Were Forced To Open For Butterfly At The Fillmore West After In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Went Top Ten (40:36) #6

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours, 51 minutes. All selections previously released.

Free 320 Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3 ... or All 3 Parts TOGETHER!

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