#59 Gravitas

"Episode In Argyle, Parts I & II" is, as the title suggests, two back-to-back takes. You'll hear the end of the first take at the 5:22 mark, when we break out The Art Chord. The Art Chord is our musical "uncle." When played, it means any given player is spent, has given up, has nothing more to offer, is bowing out, etc. So, after The Art Chord was signaled we just started bashing around, you know, before wrapping everything up and, inadvertently, we started a new take. Happens all the time, actually. The Art Chord reappears at the very end of the track, and also signals the conclusion of the nearly 17-minute title track, "Gravitas #68 -3," chiming in at 16:36, just prior to going black. It's just a little two note sliding blues thing. We left them in the mixes this time just to draw attention to the gravity of the situation. Recorded live in 33 minutes.


Episode In Argyle, Parts I & II (10:11)
Outside The Opium Den (Oscar Coverage) (5:34)
Gravitas #68 -3 (16:46)

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Jeremiah said...

well, Another winner. got this one this morning and it turned out to be EXACTLY what i was needing. thanks for anticipating my needs. Thanks for a whole new way of experiencing the morning.

the "word verification" for this comment was "phoid", which i can only assume will be the title of a future release. can't wait for that one.


We're Late For Class said...

Thanks. It's like getting our first review all over again. Phoid, eh? Or an anagram? Pod Hi? Doesn't matter... by the time we confirm any idea, we'll forget about it after the next joint. That's the way things work around here. Now you know why we don't learn songs.

Anonymous said...

Greetings W.L.F.C. Ahhh another wonderful journey into the strange place you seem to inhabit. I love the slow, spookyish, mellow steady flow, of Episode in argyle, and the wonderful bluesy, jazzy guitar. I just cannot get enough of this sound. Outside The Opium Den, sounds just how i imagine the inside of the opium den, Trippy, dreamy, floaty, lovely. I just love the flute? at about 3 mins. Gravitas really feels like a track from Them, One just drifts along with this, I find these tracks so hypnotic, I imagine dark and dangerous industrial wastelands with shadowy insect like creatures within. But thats just me. Thankyou for this one W.L.F.C. Another gem for my collection.
Peace. Omlette.

We're Late For Class said...

Man, thanks for the analysis, we appreciate knowing what other strange people like. As for the industrial wasteland and the insect creatures - have you been spying on the frat house? You know... they told us they had green cards, and looking them straight in their 1000 refracted eye lenses to see if they we're telling the truth is tough. "Outside The Opium Den" is really about being INSIDE the opium den, but thinking you're outside. If that makes sense. Thanks Omlette.

infinite fool said...

When I am old and dying, I will play this loudly. Any of the greedy vultures hovering around me who doesn't look confused will be granted an equal share of my estate.