#58 Caterwaul

Our task is to set your nightmares to the finest music ever offered the public. So, in keeping with that tradition, here are some more stoned excursions, edited for your convenience. Just so you know, we worked for about 10 minutes on that funk break near the end of "The Asian Autobaun," and when the time came we still blew it. What is that? Is... that... my... haaaaannnnnnnndddddd?


Caterwaul (Late Version) (5:21)
The Asian Autobaun (5:48)
Microbiotics (Sept 5) (4:35)

Free 320


Anonymous said...

**** WLFC comes back with a harder edge on the title track, and comes back to true form on Microbotics. Quite possibly the best release since #51 Dark Side Of The Shrooms.
'Nuff Said.

We're Late For Class said...

Fantastic... someone actually listened to it. Even more fantastic, you listened to TWO of them. Thanks J.C.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Since "Shrooms" (Mr Lennox is totally right), yes, but especially "THEM!" (the K2 of your 2010 offerings in my humble o.), I was starving for WLFC-type high standard noise (as in: Alex Ross's The Rest Is) like No 57 and the astounding, brilliant BLUTIGE EXZELLENZ of No 58's Caterwaul + Microbiotics. Latists, Sirs, don't have me wait again for so long, please! A highly impressed THE CHAIRMAN

We're Late For Class said...

Wow... when did we start attracting listeners? We'll pop something out next weekend, since you asked.