#50 THEM!

Imagine a superior race of insect beings taking over the Earth. From another world, perhaps, or, more likely, a gruesome result of the atomic experiments of the '40's and '50's. It began with biologically impossible ants, but the mutation and advanced intelligence quickly spread to other insects, including everything from flies to dung beetles. What will happen? Chaos? Peace? Extinction? Interspecies love? Guess it's up to you... and you... and you! Recorded live.


Wind/Attack #11 (0:59) 
Twin Towers (6:40)
THEM! (2:37)
Screw You (4:45)
Muy Legs (Tempo) (4:34)
Interspecies Love (& The Ghost Of Carlos Santana's Conga Player)(4:24) 

Free 320
Thanks to Capo (aka OmletteDaggle) for the muy cool video.


Dr. Schluss said...

Groovy to see some new music up here. I just finished a psychedelic slab that I hope will catch you ear as well. Have a look at this link:


infinite fool said...

This, too, is what my dreams sound like. I love my dreams.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for stopping by, infinite one.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from England W.L.F.C. been listening to Them and The Last Countdown, today. Just had write and tell you how amazing they are. The tracks are so intricate and imaginative. I love all the voice samples and added sounds. Really like Muy Legs and The Last Countdown guitar work, also amazing drum work. You are a truly talented band. I look forward to any new additions. Thankyou for this music. Omlette Daggle.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Omlette. You guys in the U.K. must have access to more powerful drugs than we do. We'll have something new in the next week or two. Thanks a million.

Capo said...

Hola Amigos
After a bizarre incident involving marshmallows and a pointy stick my Youtube channel was terminated. Bastards, If I ever find out the truth, there will be sticky viscera in the Jello, and i'm not even kidding, Anyway; enough about that, unfortunatly all of your videos were evaporated but they didn't think things through. I made backups. HA.... So all is not lost. I even found a different one that for some reason or other didn't make it the first time. So here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMuLuvpRYjA I will start to upload the rest soon. Hope you like it. Baking Powder. Capo aka Omlettedaggle.

We're Late For Class said...

Outstanding vid, Capo. Way to stick it to the man (or at least, sign up for another account). Glad you found this one, it might be your best yet. Readers can find your others posted on the main page video list. Thanks again for the support.