#49 Adventures In Krautrock: A Tribute To Faust

We've stolen from Faust before. This time we're getting away with it by calling it "a tribute." Goes to show that, with a little word play, you too can skirt tedious legal issues like a pro. This one's bound to piss off our German buddies, though. After all... what do we know? We generate some kind of brutal, head-pounding, migraine of monotony, call it Krautrock and we're suddenly worthy? Don't see it. Truth is, we had already decided not to post this mid-April session, but we got stoned last weekend and cued it up and deemed it no crappier than our other posts, so why not? This is the product of pizza-hydration. When the delivery guy screws up and takes all night to deliver sustenance, begging not to make him go back for fresh ones for fear of losing his job. What are you gonna do? Cold pizza's OK. The guy was stoned. Another 19 minutes you can't get back. Recorded live.


The Train Station At Düsseldorf (6:52) 
Adventures In Krautrock (2:42)
Into Infinity (Sans Commentary) (9:22) 

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zigzagwanderer said...

'kin great,another LFC winner,keep 'em coming.

member said...

one of your best sessions, although... it does'nt remind me on "faust", but anyway it's really cool...
stay tuned on our music... emptyblaukraut is a little bit quiet at the moment, but new music from "stolle & member" is coming soon and there will be a next "Mirg" meeting in autumn and besides that "Der Berg Groovt" is heavy productive....
all the best

Unknown said...

wow, you guys are cranking them out- and it sounds bleedin' great.
I gotta come round here more often.
Come on over when you can- we redecorated.