#48 Static Room

We primarily record in four places, two of which, for neighborly relations, require a volume controlled, direct-to-board, juiced & triggered drum kit. One of them is The Static Room. You'll hear how it got named. The interaction is live, though, if severely edited, and has something for everyone; dreary, totalitarian, migraine-inducing beats, clearly agitated dead spirit guitars, a nightmarish private eye subplot and enough Soviet-era space effects to render any lingering point moot. Urb Up! Recorded live.

The Pusher (Instrumental) (4:30)
40 Minutes To Zero (Live In The Static Room) (5:36)
Point Of Anatomy (Live In The Static Room) (10:18) 

Free 320


fretlessazm said...

Good to see you back boys, especially as it's my 50th birthday today!!

We're Late For Class said...

If you get caught listening to this shit on your 50th, your loved ones will be forced to start looking into managed care options.


Thanks for this, but I'm still on bended knees. Oh pleeeze pleeeze pleeeze.

el gloria said...

felicitaciones desde Argentina!!