#46 A Hundred On The Hyena

Another 23 minute manifesto of improvisation, made up on the spot, never to be played again. If not for the tape recorders, it would be just like this stuff never happened. You’re invited to experience something the remainder of the planet will never, ever hear. Something that, by all rights, shouldn't even exist... or should have dissipated in the air seconds after it took place. Something that record companies already know in advance they’d lose money on. We are We’re Late For Class! Noisemakers who don’t want your money. Improvisers with no ulterior motive for fame. Layabouts lacking the secret desire for padded riders filled with quarts of Jack, spare tube socks and roast beef heavy backstage deli trays (well... the roast beef would be nice). A gang of pot smoking, acid dropping, ecstasy driven misfits who do this... because. Recorded live.


Stanley's Sun Ra Conga Line Experience (7:09)
A Hundred On The Hyena (6:30)
Les Hallucinations de Shackleton (9:31)
Jazz Interlude (0:33)

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You had me hooked at '23 minutes', being a firm believer in the Law of Five...then 'spare tube socks', man!
But shit like Sun Ra Conga Line & Hallucinations de Shackleton being lost in the aether would be unbearably tragic. Thanks again.

ps. any more problems with the Russkis, let me know. me & da boyz in my crew are looking for some side action. we'll take care of 'em for ya. just put a hun'erd on da hyena, Bo'ee.

We're Late For Class said...

Yo NØ,
Youse da man.

Unknown said...

Hi - you guys are great!
So please be late for class!
take care

Revrev said...



You slacker college stupents are pro'ly on Xmas break, but in case your checking yer comments...best to all of you for the hollowdaze & blest Brumalia to you all. Your musick has indeed inspired...at least this one Ø.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey, thanks NØ. Merry Chimney to you, too.

Anonymous said...


We're Late For Class said...

Done. As with all the posts, you can also download direct from the Bandcamp player.

viNomadic said...

Lotta catching up to do...mmore sun ra homage, puhleeze! LOVE how you mix jangling guitars & saxophone wails on the percolating groove. Full disclosure-- yes, I'm a lapsed musician.