#45 The Stalker 45

The first scene of the pilot episode of The Stalker is set inside a car parked in a dark, desolate, wooded area. One dumb guy and one dumb girl are wrestling in the front seat. Flashbacks are fast and furious; late night hang-ups, phantom doorbells, cars keeping a certain distance behind. Every episode the dumb guy, Ronnie, runs into your every day stalker-related calamities; dog bites, getting roughed up by flashlight wielding Neighborhood Watch guys, reimbursing people for damaged flower beds... there are new adventures every week. Ha! You just can't make this stuff up. At show's end, Ronnie eventually feels the girl up, but that's as far as he gets. The flip side of this digital 45 is the show's elaborate theme music, which plays under the credits. The Quinn/Martin reference harkens back to #11 The Quinn/Martin Quartet Offensive …Tonight's Episode: Dick Gunn.


The Stalker (Ronnie Don't) (4:00) 
The Stalker (Main Titles) (7:14)

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Always been partial toward the old Quiff Marlin productions. Thanks for more WLFC. I've got a mp3 player with nothing but WLFC on it. I just put it on randomize & away I go. Hope Ronnie makes it past first base, though.

Anonymous said...

you're all mental
'feels the girl up'? it must have been a quim partin' production.
looking forward to the music
yours scav

We're Late For Class said...

Dedicated MP3 players, Quim Partin'... we don't know what to say.