#38 The Dirge Experience

We had planned to do a whole album of an alter-ego group, The Dirge Experience... 60s holdouts with white-boy afros, black session sidemen and a credo, In Dirge We Trust. "Dirge Experience (In Easter Hay)," is the band's signature song, which they insist must never be covered by any other artist after they die (especially their own kids). Will it be a fiery plane wreck or a slow, endless succession of OD's and suicides, where one mediocre bassist is left with all the trademarks? As for "Low Budget Cable Sketch Comedy Show Instrumental Theme Song," imagine a spunky, 10 second loop underneath a blurry montage of the latest troupe of hip, irreverent cable comics. "Universal Cardigan (Live At Pompeii)" is us pompously grandstanding against the backdrop of ancient Roman ruins, minus the gong. It's so cosmic, perhaps you should save it for an eclipse or something. Recorded live.


Low Budget Cable Sketch Comedy Show Instrumental Theme Song (2:48)
Dirge Experience (In Easter Hay) (5:31) 
Universal Cardigan (Live At Pompeii) (9:08)  

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Anonymous said...

So what do I call you now... the Prolific We're Late For Class? Nice going guys...

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the great tunes! Nice interview!
Cap'n coast of maine

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks guys.

IMI said...

This is great. Thx.

Brian said...

Hi, new fan here. I'm in a band called Liquid Raisin Council.
I put you on our blog list, yeah, I know, big whoop. Check out a video, if of a mind.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for all the interest and linkage. Brian, you guys are weird. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

arrived late after illness so i haven't heard 'the dirge' yet.interesting interview but do you think you lied enough for the necessary exposure? come on wlfc how the hell am i going to get mega-bucks for #24 unless you go global? my copy is the very rare tesco (are you guys and gals familiar with tesco) cdr with blue felt- tip label design in a rather nifty plain jewel case
anyhows looking forward to dirge
yours scavengingly scav

We're Late For Class said...

You're hawking WLFC bootlegs, Scav? We're shocked. (Let us know how much you get for it, we need a market guage.) Besides, we used South American Jango for the spine, an authenticity test that renders everything on the disc moot in just under 2 minutes. Get well soon.