#37 Live In The Theatre Of Disbelief II

Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief II is our second episode of mind-numbingly random, alien transmissions encountered by the intergalactic scientific deep-space probe, Trace. Episode 2 comes with a plot development unmentioned when Episode 1 (#22 Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief) was released earlier... EAC's (Embedded Addiction Codes). Meaning, casual listeners aboard the ship were unaware they were slowly becoming mentally dependent on the transmission's subliminally embedded helix re-organizer. The plot thickens, as they say. Settle in and toke up for another non-musical, 26 minute improvisational dose of seemingly benign space racket. We're concealing the show's exciting, climatic, professional, prime-time TV conclusion until negotiations get us a graphic novel anime to score. Recorded live, during sessions that included #35 Jazz From Outer Space.


Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief - Episode 2 (26:19)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, folks. Another well done surrealist brain-romp. Your art work is top-notch.
Now, since I have employed two (2) hyphenated terms, I must take leave...

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Rev,
We're multi-hyphen fans ourselves.

Anonymous said...

it will be a sad day indeed when you all graduate. Any chance a few of you might complete a masters just so the music goes on a little bit longer? Great stuff yet again
yours scav

We're Late For Class said...

Graduating? Not at this rate.

mick55 said...


Volume 1 channelled Kluster and Cluster,
and now for Volume 2 Conrad Schnitzler turns up solo
and demands everyone spell his name with a "K" and
bow to the blissed out colours of Konrads Krunchy Krautrock.

Rot und Blau. Yeah baby!