#19 What Might This Signify?

We gotta get a new art department. "A Buoy, 40 Yards Out" is a druggy, meandering, endless sort of an offshore wave that would go perfectly with a J and a Miller High Life. While "Tortured Greyhounds" is a Faustian ruckus kick started by audio tapes of, what appeared to be, barking thespian lesbians whose skills seemed appropriate to incorporate. We'll post those original tapes, maybe... later. Recorded live.


A Buoy, 40 Yards Out (8:20)
Tortured Greyhounds (12:35) 

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Anonymous said...

hey gang,

i thought you might enjoy this observation: my 16 year old daughter who sometimes listens to your releases with me says that "A Bouy, 40 Yards Out" reminds her of "camels plodding through the desert". out of the mouths of babes...


We're Late For Class said...

Perfect. I guess she hasn't heard "#27 Caravan Psoriasis' yet. That was is actually SUPPOSED to sound like camels plodding through the desert. We've got a whole new demographic to exploit now.