#27 Caravan Psoriasis

We'd never heard of anyone doing a rock opera before (that's, Iraq opera), so here's one. It's a coming-of-age story about a boy named Thommi, who is drawn to experience the big city by a pirate radio broadcast of a Muhammad Ali fight ("Ali Ali"). Thommi sets off (against the wishes of his well-to-do parents) and enters the desert in search of, well... a plot. Pretty much his only source of wisdom and guidance is the ghost of Carlos Santana. But, since Carlos is still alive, we'll need to wait a while to secure the rights. For "The Grim Ride Home," all the young troupe has for diversion is a book of old German folklore. They hope it's porn, but their Deutsch is a little rusty, if you catch our drift. Like any good iRock opera, the concept of Caravan Psoriasis is vague enough to thematically fit any lingering childhood issues of your own - with a timely, Iraqi twist to help reach a few more consumer demographic groups. Thanks to Professor Wole for the poetry and to JZ for the clip. 24 minutes of action, reaction & interaction. Recorded live. Here's our 8x10 promo photo.


Ali Ali (4:57)
Caravan Psoriasis Pt 1 (4:12)
Caravan Psoriasis Pt 2 (7:48)
The Grim Ride Home (6:56) 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

(Boris) karloff Santana? Come on wlfc america - iraq -the grim ride home are we becoming a little political? i hope so

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Scav,

No politics here. ANY camel ride is considered "grim." This takes place in the 70s anyway, before the current hostilities (and before the previous hostilities) just prior to the original hostilities.

mick55 said...

Very atmospheric spooky desert-surf-rock.
Liberace drops Acid, meets Sun Ra, and they go to Mongo's house and Freak Out
with some bongomaniacal peasant Goat-herders with a secret stash of blonde Lebanese hashish.

Later they meet a very baked Carlos Santana and pry loose from him
his "Secret Chord Progression" then drink Mezcal and Tecate and
search for Peyote and the ghost of Aldous Huxley.

Awesome stuff.

We're Late For Class said...

Were you there? You got every detail down to a tee. But... we don't remember getting a taste of any of that blonde Lebanese hashish. You weren't hoarding, were you? Or... did... weee juussttt fffooorrrggeeeetttttttt?

mick55 said...

Nah, you didn't forget. I Bogarted the Leb.

You thought I was Brian Jones, but I told you I was Mr. Mojo Risin'.
You fell for the ruse so I stole your beer and Mandies:)

We're Late For Class said...

Now we don't feel so bad. We hope you got the beer... and not the pee bottles.