#8 Soundtrack To A German Existential Student Art Film

One of Shelly's friends actually makes German existential student art films. We couldn't resist. Amazingly, Karl (Herr Direktor) was game, so here it is. We did about 10 minutes for it. We don't think Karl really shows this one very much on the circuit. It's called Luftwaffe, if you ever get the chance. We also did this totally drugged up version of "Tomorrow Never Knows," which we called "The Void" because... we don't know the lyrics and we can't afford the royalties. This was our one take at it so we tried to talk Karl into filming us at some spastic, freak-out, 60s LSD party. You know, like The Seeds in London or Blue Cheer at The Matrix, something like that. He thought we were nuts. We just wanted a trippy video but Karl thought we wanted to be in his film. He stopped coming around as much. Cool existential student art film, though. Recorded live.

Soundtrack To A German Existential Student Art Film Pt. 1 (5:26)
The Void (6:36)
Soundtrack To A German Existential Student Art Film Pt. 2 (4:44) 

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Hi again
thanx for the cool posting of our album, you'll find your on Friendly Fire tomorrow (we have chosen Over The Astrodome)with the link back to you.
I am listening into the void and you can read in the opening lines of friendly fire how high is our opinion of Tomorrow Never Knows...
See you here and there, and come back next week for our second release...
Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

You guys are great. Thanks a million.


Hi once again!
Our second relese MODO have been (finally) posted on our main blog CATASTO ELETTRICO (http://catastoelettrico.blogspot.com). We hope you'll come to see and hear it. And hope you like it too. See you here and there...
Catasto Elettrico

infinite fool said...

I'm neither German, nor much of an existentialist.. and yet I like this. Do you think that might be a problem?

We're Late For Class said...

Mr. Infinite,

THanks for coming back. We thought we lost you for good ove that 'Iron Butterfly' thing. We read somewhere you were roaming the Mohave muttering something about wanting the wasted 40 minutes of your life back and swearing some kind of revenge - like getting the RIAA to sue us for MAKING music. So we're glad to hear you're OK.

But, as your note suggests, we've all got at least a little existentialism in us, and this track is designed to appeal to the hidden German existentislist in us all. Or... the stoned guy beggin' for a Ho-Ho. Either one is OK.

Thanks IF,

We're Late For Class said...

I'm tellin' you... The In Fool was dazed by his close call with "The Sun." You can see he's still confused. He might be delirious and in need of medical attention. Can someone check and see if he's got a bracelet? MD