#7 Room 14 Suite

Here's a quickie weekday session tape called "Room 14 Suite." It's a four-parter that starts as we usually do. Just starting. Here's what started it. Rudy told us a story about a road trip he took last year. He was staying in the cheapest places he could. Early one morning he found a $21.99 room and took it. Turns out, it was a rental room, sold by the month or year, and the guy who normally had it was out of town. So, it was lived in, to say the least. Two beds, one under an air conditioner that was impossible to sleep under. When the cover was pulled back on the second bed it had dirt and tiny specks of debris. Rudy freaked. He couldn't stay here. But, he was stoned and had food with him and it was past 3am on a dark stretch of West Virginia. So he figures he'll eat first and sort matters out next. He opened a tub of pudding but couldn't find his road spoons. So he's rummaging around (since this is someone's efficiency) but finds no silverware. He does find a plastic spork in a wrapper, from a KFC or someplace. Cool. He found the guy's emergency spork, he thought, and immediately tore into it, and the pudding. As he's savoring the tapioca goodness, he's pondering his situation, figures he'll just split this place and eat the bucks, since he knew he couldn't sleep in it. He was, after all, stoned. Absentmindedly, as he's looking at his spork, he notices a discoloration on the backside. He peers closer and sees that... it's dried up food in a small groove on the back. In horror, he grabs the plastic covering and sees where he opened the top... then spots the bottom was already opened, too. Oh!... he found the guy's emergency spork, all right. His USED one! Rudy told this story with a flashlight under his chin.


Suite A: Soiled Spork
Suite B: While Mackay's In The Loo (Again)
Suite C: Albert Ayler At Wattstax (4 Redins Goes Down)
Suite D: Horse Latitudes (For 3 Seconds)
(Total Time: 12:53) 

Free 320



Thank you for visiting our twin blog and for the link posted in your. We have made the same in both our pages. We are now downloading your music and promise we will give you some feedback of the listening soon. Hope you'll send us some impression you had of our music. WORK ON!!! Catasto Elettrico


as we promised, we listened to your music (not all, for now, just half of it, and we found it:
A)always cool, and sometimes great! (for example, I've relly liked Tommy Reese's DTs...)
B) sometimes not too different from our moods, as you will listen even better in the our second album we will post next week.
This considerations and the similarity of our projects suggested us an idea: May we post one of your albums on our Friendly Fire section while you post one of our albums on your page (maybe in a separate section?)? Anyway we would like to have the permission to post at least one of yours also if you don't think useful for you to post our (while you seem to have the aim to post only your own music...). Think about it and answer us if you please. Work On! Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Catasto,

You guys are great. Love the free improv and the raw, live drum sound. Very cool. Look forward to future releases (and see you have another one coming up).

Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to post one of our albums on your blog at http://catastoelettrico.blogspot.com/.

We look forawrd to spreading the word.

All The Best,

We're Late For Class said...

Hey, those CE guys are really cool. I've hit it twice already. You're right about the drums, really live. Their blog says they've been around for a while and have experience with "3 people in the audience" gigs (remember the Union Hall?). Love it. - Lonnie

We're Late For Class said...

I thought we agreed not to speak of the Un.... the thing.