#5 Le Garrotte

Rudy brought refreshments for this session that had everybody paralyzed for hours. We recuperated and were just getting the levels together when we recorded "The King of A (Pt.1 #11)," which is like a warm up ritual. We thought about overdubbing the other players on top once they arrived, but nobody ever got around to it. Later, maybe. Early in the morning during the mixdown we fused two mixes of "Le Garrotte" to create "Le Nouveau Garrotte (Mash)." It badly needs 10 to 14 minutes taken out of it, but... what the fuck. As usual, we recommend getting spliffed and playing this stuff loud. Shelly says to stop writing about her, but we can't. Recorded live.


Art Ought Six (a/k/a The Matador) (7:38) 
The King Of A (Pt.1 #11) (11:04) 
Le Nouveau Garrotte (Mash) (17:43) 

Free 320

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