#4 Over The Astrodome

Shelly was the D.R. (Designated Roadie) for this weekend's sessions. Since doing this for over a year we've learned that we must have all the equipment up and running and ready to record before we get stoned. Hence the D.R. concept, which includes running errands and general servitude. Actually it was Shelly's idea way back when, this is just the first time she got stuck with the task (we use a politically charged straw/vote system). Everyone toked up and we checked out some new stuff, including a disc Kenny brought along with samples of the History Channel, which was the basis for the soundtrack to a German existential student art film we did (#8 - Soundtrack To A German Existential Student Art Film). Recorded live.


1000 Islands (Two) (1:23)
Tommy Reese's DTs (Relapse) (11:42) 

Free 320

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