#70 "4 Gigs In Kingston - The Complete We're Late For Class" (USB Flash UPDATED)

OUR NEWEST RELEASES ARE ALWAYS INCLUDED! Don't have the time to download over four point five gigs of music? We'll... have we got a deal for you. Now you can purchase the entire We're Late For Class catalog - over 26 hours of so-called "music," designed to soundtrack your blissed-out mindset (or... up the ante on your ongoing war with the neighbors). 4 Gigs In Kingston - The Complete We're Late For Class has it all! Every track available on our site, and even one song that isn't. This collection (@320) comes with a Rich Text file, and contains all the artwork and text found in the nooks and crannies of this blog. Including... all our numbered releases, and "Pregnant Tight Rope Walker In Santa Ana," a track that only appeared on an offsite compilation album. Such a deal at $199.95, uh... how about $89.99? Guess we'd better make it $14.99 (PLUS... $2 shipping). After we foot the bill for the flash drive and the Paypal fees, we'll probably wind up with a six-pack for ourselves - which we're confident you'd happily treat us to if we ever came over to your house to play. And, in a way we are... in the form of discreet First Class package, shipped within 24 hours (except weekends & holidays). Can you beat that? If we sell enough of these, we might even buy a van and tour. Then we just might show up at your place to hang out long enough to empty the fridge. That's cool, right?

4 Gigs In Kingston
The Complete We're Late For Class 
USB FLASH DRIVE Only $14.99 + $2 Shipping


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

how much for the flac lossless option? (Is there a flac lossless option?)

We're Late For Class said...

You want OUR stuff in FLAC? OUR stuff?

Sadly, there is no FLAC USB drive option. It was all we could do to muster the energy to put a 320 together. The only FLAC options are through the Bandcamp players, but you'll need to do them all individually (for $1 each). Sorry... but it's the price we gotta pay (or OTHERS have to pay, to be more accurate) to use their cool, reliable players. But, we appreciate your interest.

Snark said...

Do you ship this to Europe as well?
I live in the Netherlands.
Love your blog and music/sounds/stuff.

We're Late For Class said...

Sure do...
Folks in the Netherlands deserve to be as bored as the rest of us.
Thanks for stopping by.

We're Late For Class said...

... and thanks for the purchase, too.