#22 Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief

A couple of us wrote a script for a television show (pretty much on a whim) just to see how hard it would be to knock one out. The title of it was "Live In The Theatre of DisBelief." The premise involved a scientific reconnaissance space vehicle, not unlike Star Trek's (Piccard-led) Enterprise, that chanced upon untraceable alien transmissions of music. The music was intoxicatingly magnetic, and would subliminally seduce listeners - despite its sometimes abstract or repulsive sounds. In the story, the crew would listen in their off hours, harmlessly enjoying (or just plain curious about) the unusual sound waves from space. But, was it all harmless? We won't reveal the exciting, climatic, professional, prime-time TV conclusion here. As you might guess... our goal was to attach ourselves to the soundtrack work in any future pitch meetings. So, while waiting for that never to happen, we've taken various stabs at such "space transmissions." This 30 minute plus improv is one of 'em. Recorded live.


Live In The Theatre Of DisBelief (32:42)

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smithma7 said...

I guess I'm going to have to download all your stuff to my machine if I want last.fm to know about it.

smithma7 said...

BTW, really enjoyed this one. Big fan of ambient music, especially with the Science Fiction theme.


* I really don't use that word. It's a joke. But the sentiment stands: great stuff on this one, IMO.

smithma7 said...

Last one and I'm done for today! I promise. Just noticed this:

Posted by We're Late For Class at 2:57 AM

No wonder you're Late For Class!!

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Smitty,
But that's not the only reason we're always late for class. Thanks for coming back... and for the kind words.

scavenging angel said...

you've all listened to a lot of weird shit and doses of psych that's for sure.When you say you are a college band i assumed you were students.You're lecturers and professors, you're all in your 50's and you all own corduroy jackets.confess

We're Late For Class said...

We gotta confess... the corduroy jackets sound like a good idea. (They'd provide good cover for the pipes.) Thanks for coming back for more Scav. We're always amazed to see someone comment more than once.

mike-floyd said...

Hi guys!

Just posted your "A Collection" on my side http://homemade-lofi-psychedelic.blogspot.com/

Really cool stuff. Keep up your great work.
See ya.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Mike,
You're the best. Many thanks again for all the kind words (and posts). We really appreciate it.

Cosmic Charlie said...

Holy Hypnotoad!

That's good stuff. The first one I listened to, and now I have to download some more...

We're Late For Class said...

Seems we attract the cosmic types. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

just checking in. still going strong. downloading and listening at the same time. very cool sounds. i like the cosmic stuff.


mick55 said...

Can meets Kluster at the Zodiak Free Arts Lab for improv and Bratwurst.
Conny and Holger twiddle knobs, play with the shortwave radio and drink all the beer.

Kluster suddenly changes their name to Cluster and
takes over the last 20 minutes of the proceedings.

Full of Krauty goodness.

We're Late For Class said...

We need to get you to start writing our copy.

mick55 said...

It's much easier to just copy your writing:)