Free 320


J. C. Lennox (Styxman68) said...

Thank you, always good to see the Machine up and runnin'.

Anonymous said...

Helooo Rothchild Operators, I trust you nice people are well. It's been a while, thought I would drop in for a fix of audio insanity. Guess what! I wasn't disappointed. I look back to your earlier releases and I come to the conclusion that you are most definitely evolving into something dark and mechanical. I listened to this twice now, It has an extremely hypnotic quality, It remind's me of something, but I can't quite access the memory. Many years ago I had a job in a factory. There was a giant antiquated machine there that worked constantly with an industrial four four beat. I would hear it all day and create music in my head to accompany the machine's beat. That music was similar to this. Maybe that's my memory.
I listen to your music a lot whilst driving, It's interesting gauging my various passengers reactions, especially to tracks like this. Personally, I thrive on it, It keeps me calm in heavy traffic, and unconcerned about the idiotic behaviour of my fellow road users. As with all your music I find myself drawn into it. Whisked away into a twilight, alien, bio-mechanical reality. Keep up the good work Amigo's. And thank you for sharing this amazing piece of art. Your Friend. Omlette.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks a million, Omlette. This isn't really the future of our evolution. Instead, it's just side stuff we all do when we're not all together. Half of the time, when we're first turning on the machines and no one is yet ready, is we do some of our best stuff (theoretically speaking). We just had this stuff piling up around us and wanted to post some of it before getting back to the band files. Thanks as always for listening and responding.
All The Best