#43 The LSD Journals, Vol. II

On June 6, just after recording our last mind-numbingly lengthy epic, #42 The LSD Journals Of Dr. Jackson Gamble, we took a smoke break to listen back, a favored ritual around these parts. Some folks stopped by, so we smoked and listened back some more. Then some others came over and we started another round. Thus, we were righteously blitzed when deciding to take another stab at The LSD Journals. After arduous mixing, "Chapter 2" is the result ("Chapter 3" is a Martian version). Thanks to Will C., without whom. Also included: an indoctrination-free, instrumental version for those that like it raw (or don't buy #42's premise in the first place). It's live.


The LSD Journals: Chapter 2 (14:45) 
The LSD Journals: Chapter 3 (6:35)
The LSD Journals: Chapter 2 Again? (Instrumental) (14:45)

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Thanks. I've just been lurking around, waiting for more LSD.

We're Late For Class said...

And you weren't looking for Beatles downloads?

Anonymous said...

looking for lucy in the sky with diamonds and found....lucy in the sky with diamonds.How cool is that?

Eli said...

Hey We're Late for Class!

Seriously I am really impressed with what you guys are doing. I haven't given all of your stuff the listening they deserve but I plan on listening to your stuff for a while.

As far as the blog roll goes, you definitely deserve a spot in our blog roll. Please return the favor!

I look forward to listening to even more stuff.

-Happiness is a Warm Gun


We're Late For Class said...

Hey, we're happy to. Cool looking blog. Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you got more hits with the "Beatles Remastered" than you would with "Jesus Christ Remastered".

We're Late For Class said...

Is that a Beatles-Are-Bigger-Than-Jesus reference?

Jeff said...

Where's "Hey Jude", the quadraphonic version? You guys tricked me. I might have to write to the CRIAA or whatever our shitty Canadian music protectors are called to complain. Wait for it.


P.S. Neato tunes

We're Late For Class said...

It's OK, they've got a file on us already.

Gill said...

You write great word jazz! Can't wait to trip these out. Be Well.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for listening, Gil.