#40 Another Collection

Another Collection is 2-CDs, 142 minutes, of uncharted improvisation and drug fueled excess, including a seance with Jim Morrison, a musical romp with O.J. Simpson, a homage to producer Jimmy Miller, the theme song for a low budget cable comedy sketch show, one too many accidental nods to Hawkwind and stoned tributes to Ali, Guess Who guitarist Kurt Winter, Pink Floyd and whatever else was on our minds that weekend. It's all here, from a college stoner perspective, of course, culled from previous posts #21-#39. We didn't have room for our 20 to 30 minute jams, but those aren't hard to find. It's all free, so we've done all we can do. Spread the word, tell your pals, post our album for your readers if you'd like... just stop placating us! We're not going away. In fact, #41 is all ready to go. As with our first collection (#20 A Collection), we've got a nifty, state-of-the-art, future-of-online-album art, animated .gif cover. When Kings Of Leon get around to doing it, it might be considered cool.


Disc 1 
Herd Mentality (3:05) #23 
Low Budget Cable Sketch Comedy Show Instrumental Theme Song (2:48) #38 
Transmission From Jimmy Miller's Car Phone (6:46) #24 
Ali Ali (4:57) #27 
Under 30 Second Tribute To Kurt Winter (0:29) #21 
Lab Animal (3:16) #21 
Checkers (5:42) #23 
Wind Of The Hawk (4:20) #28 
67 (4:23) #31 
The Lumbering Rex (Remix) (5:05) #32 
Pattern Of Abuse (7:32) #34 
Universal Cardigan (Live At Pompeii) (9:08) #38 
Dirge Experience (In Easter Hay) (5:31) #38 
Buttery Hog Mosh (8:49) #31 

Disc 2 
Sequel To The Return Of The Son of Monster Magnet (11:00) #28 
The Premiere & Final Performance of Jazz From Outer Space (10:31) #35 
Liquidity (The Spastic Conductor) (11:25) #33 
The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes (13:57) #30 
Trippin' In A Plymouth Belvedere (10:25) #32 
Particle Alert (12:55) #35 

Free 320 (One Part At A Time) Part 1 - Part 2
or... Free 320 (Both Parts Together) Pts 1 & 2


Bobsongs said...

Stumbled in via Totally Fuzzy. Wow, great stuff. I've always considered improvisation the highest form of musical expression and you guys have it down.

I invite you to visit my page, where you will find music that I have recorded over the years. It ranges from acoustic "folk" (whatever that means!) to fairly straight-ahead rock to weird electric/electronic guitar improv to the just plain indescribable. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, whatever. In any case, I will be linking to your site as I think this music deserves to be heard.

Nicely done!

Bob Parker


IMI said...

So when are you putting out a music video?

(great stuff!)

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks a lot for stopping by. We've done the same. Enjoyed your guitar solo tracks. Especially when we got them all going at the same time. All the best.

To IMI: As for videos...

Anonymous said...

nice cover but my lip reading just isn't up to scratch.what the hell are the mysterious lips saying?

We're Late For Class said...

We should hold a contest, eh scav?

RevRev said...


Yvan said...

hey WLFC,

been listening to ur mixes for years now and i'm always glad when a new post is up. have enjoyed listening to ur mixes for the same time. this new collection looks very promising. i allready have all mixes but put together still remains different. i will enjoy listening to it and will share wherever and with whoever i can.

tnx for the efford u guys keep putting in and i think we all appreciate that although we don't alway say that. keep up the good work u all do, tnx again.

c ya Yvan

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Yvan. That's real nice to hear and we appreciate it. We've got some new stuff already recorded and mixed and will be posting all that soon. Thanks to all for the supportive comments and downloading.

Dr. Schluss said...

Glad Jim Morrison made it to the comp. It's still my favorite of your many great posts. Have a listen to my new stuff at the following link (and maybe replace it for 'Cloud Machine' on your sidebar):


Rochacrimson said...

Great stuff!
Thanks ;-)

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Roc and will do, Doc (and congratulations on the new release... and we don't just mean The Golden Konbanwa).

Jeff said...


Come on it doesn't sound as if you are even trying anymore, I think I have heard this stuff before. Sorry, thought the title was "Another Correction" my bad. Thought it had something to do with your school scores.

BTW, Can't wait for the new stuff as always.



We're Late For Class said...

Uh oh, somebody's on to us. Got some new stuff ready to go as soon as we finish plugging this one to the newbies. But, we're betting you'll say the same thing after #41, #42 & #43 anyway. Thanks for commenting.

spacedsaviour said...

got your missive in th'mail 'n just a note to say that th'spacedsaviour crew're on tour at th'moment but something will be sorted out later...keep it comin' anyway...


We're Late For Class said...

thnx spaced one...

J said...

Hey gotta be honest with you, if you post ads in people's comment section, no one will respect your work. Please stop doing that.

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Jeff,
If we were after respect, we wouldn't be doing this. But, to be accurate, it wasn't an ad. Because we're not selling anything. And it wasn't for everybody, it was a note to YOU. Just to see if you would check out what we do and - if you liked us - share what we do with your readers. Since you've stopped by, you now know we're here. If you choose not to listen to us or not to share us on a technicality of coolness... that's your call. Thanks for at least looking and sharing a thought.

AllyWonderland said...

I'm here via Digital Meltd0wn. You so rudely posted your "spam" on my Michael Jackson tribute. You're not sorry. If you were sorry, you wouldn't clog up the comments. ;) I'm kidding. I didn't mind; actually I am kind of interested now. I'm not going to post your music on our blog though until I listen to your music though, which is why I'm nabbing a few sessions. :) I was particularly interested in "Juice" because O.J. is such a controversial figure in our society. I look forward to checking you guys out, as well as Der Berg Groovt, who I picked up via your site. I will comment further after I listen perhaps via your LastFM page.

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Ally,
Thanks for playing the home game. Yeah... every 20th release or so we send out some spam to remind people that - against all odds - we're still pounding this stuff out. Glad we attracted your curiousity instead of your ire. We haven't updated our LastFM stuff in a while. But, you might check out our Bandcamp stuff. More options,newer posts, download options... http://werelateforclass.bandcamp.com/. Thanks for listening.

Maurizio Ercole said...

Love these improv trippy tunes! Are there any pic of the musicians? Or it's a extrasensorial sound from outer space?

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Maurizio,
Thanks again for the plug over at your place. No... no pics. We decided early on, no pics, no full names. We've got parents, you know. And we don't want them knowing what we're really doing with their money. We also have campus administrators. We say too much stupid shit here for us to be giving details.

AllyWonderland said...


I just wanted to say I nabbed releases 1-12 as well as a few others that caught my attention and they are fantastic! The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes, Summer of Heigel, and JC's King Heroin particularly stood out. I will definitely be picking up more releases and have no issue posting "Another Collection" on Digital Meltd0wn. I hope to have it up before my vacation. Cheers.


We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Ally,
Not only for all the nabbing and listening and the posting and the kind words and all that... but for being one of the few girls with a psych/improv heart willing to venture over to these parts. Our normal crowd is 99% male and religiously wears a triple xxx faded black T shirt, so it's all kind of new to us. Guess we should work on our glamour shots. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that the bloggers who actually listen to music are supportive of you guys but the blogger who just reprints press releases is totally full of his own shit. Easy to see who actually cares about music enough to listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Then I read his bio. Before bitching about notes in his comments he writes - "If there is anything else you want to share with me or the readers of popsense, please don't hesitate to contact me today!". DUDE, make up your mind! You're wearing a scarf.


Yeah, I'm trippin all right. BTW, how's the lip-reading contest going? I think I have it almost figured out...just a few more words...maybe if I stare at it for a few more hours...yeah. Hey, wait, are you guys spying on me??? Male...triplexxx faded black t-shirt...oh, no, it's time for a disguise. Maybe I'll wear a scarf.

We're Late For Class said...

Anon, you're going to get us in dutch with the press. Though, now that you point it out...

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for all the kind words you've been dropping about us around town (and over at your place). We appreciate it... and we're on to you. We left a dish full of brownies out front for everyone and now they're all gone already. We found some crumbs over at Nothin' Sez Somethin' and then a trail leading over to the comments at Digital Meltd0wn, so we think we know what's up. (All's OK, we're whipping up a new batch now).


Erplrp flast trymk...gulp...got milk?
(Sorry 'bout the crumbs)

Anonymous said...

sort of figured out the lips thing.Are the lips the only thing left after the suicide on the cover of #20? if i'm right then i think it may not be a suicide after all.The lips are revealing the name of the killer.It's one of you but which one?

AllyWonderland said...

Ha! Leave that guy's scarf alone people. It's sexy. :P And maybe it's about time your fan base got a makeover. :) Although a XXXL t-shirt would be fun to sleep in. Keep me posted if you ever get into mass merchandising. I posted "Another Collection" over at Digital Meltd0wn....Now, where are these brownies you speak of? :)

We're Late For Class said...

Scav, you're a CSI machine.

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Ally,
You're the best. As for the brownies, we're still tracking NØ's crumbs around the web, as we speak. He's now at an online store called Scarf It Up. We figure he was influenced by your scarves are 'sexy' comment. Wait.. hold on... he's just leaving Fedoras-R-Us. Uh oh. He's now searching for Esposito's House Of Style? We're worried now.

Thanks again for all the listening and posting and friendliness and stuff. We appreciate it.

carlinhosdeipanema said...

Hey Man, I'm doing a huge post on WLFC comprising of your 47 releases to date, in my blog Zappadalata, but could not get the GIF image of #40 to work properly.
Will you help me? Tks for everything!

We're Late For Class said...

Cool... thanks. We looked for an email to reach you but couldn't find one on your blog.

If you go to our CODES page and you'll find the codes for the animated cover.

Just copy the code and paste it into your HTML window in blogger. It should work like a charm. Does for us anyway.

Let us know if you need anything else. #20 is animated, too. We've got CODES for that, too. Thanks for all the posts and the links back. We appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

i need more help. it seems disc 2 of Another Collection (#40) has a dead link.

thanks for any help you can give.


We're Late For Class said...

Bummer. Thanks for letting us know.

Until we get this re-upped... you know you can ALSO download from the streaming players on almost all of the posts. Just click that download link and choose your option.

In the meantime... we'll be posting some new stuff at the first of the year and, before we do, we're going to re-up EVERYthing.

Let us know if you run into any more problems.

Thanks bunches,

Anonymous said...

great...thanks again.


IMI said...

Still no link for disc 2?

We're Late For Class said...

It was hiding this time. Thanks for letting us know.