#31 Transmissions Vol. 2: The LSD Sessions

More random transmissions from the void, this one with a theme... The LSD Sessions, though, we're not saying why. We will say that we thought each of these improvisational jams were about 30 minutes long. For optimum enjoyment, we're advising drug use, though local authorities may frown on the practice.


67 (4:23)
Closing Ceremonies (At The Beastie Boys' House) (5:27)
Buttery Hog Mosh (8:49) 

Free 320


Anonymous said...

It's about time!! Been waiting with baited breath for this, will listen later. Let you know if it's up to your plodding standards.

We're Late For Class said...

Don't forget the drugs.

Anonymous said...

Smashing! As is Vol. 1. Simply stated, original and vivifying. Thanks folks. Will soon hear more new ones, I hope...

Anonymous said...

My GOD no plodding, what happened?
Meandering sure, psych okay.

Loved it, tunes were just a little too short. Need more <20 minute tunes.


We're Late For Class said...

Thanks rev,
Thanks for helping us write the press kit.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure!

We're Late For Class said...


We think you might be referring to our early Plodding Period (sometime around mid-March). We've moved on beyond that now (by at least 20 days). It'll probably come around again when we run out of ideas, again (expect sometime in late September). As for the length, think of it all as one long tune, with changes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll bogart my joint, my friends


Anonymous said...

Even though someone bogarted my joint, I highly enjoyed your music. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

the best yet? excellent stuff, i tried it with 2 paracetamol and 20 hermesetas - sweet sweet music you scamps.
Can't believe a record label hasn't latched on by now
looking forward to the next installment

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Scav


Hi folks,
no words for your words about our last release... and above all, many thanks for listening to it with so much attention to write such things... the most detailed review we ever had... the bad thing is that when one day you'll write something negative about our future music, we will be obliged to believe you... the good thing is that your words give us the faith not to be so crazy as we think we are when we listen to our sessions and consider it cool...
now, let's hope that our friend mike-floyd@homemade-lofi-psychedelic would organize an Indie Bands' World Festival somewhere someday... ;-)
thanks also for the splendid pair of coverarts of the two Transmissions volumes and, regarding the music, you know we feel brothers in soul...
BTW, thanks for the definitive switch to Sharebee, so friendly 'till it lasts...
cheers and keep up
Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

Hi CE,

You know we've always been friendly and supportive of each other (along with a few other musician/band friends, too), but for those that don't understand our private messages here, let us just let them know what we're talking about.

We are crazy about Catasto Elettrico's 7th release, Radio. It's absolutely wonderful... and anyone interested in top notch improv with style, color and invention need to stop by your place and grab Radio immediately. It really is a stunner! We've always liked what you guys do, but after Micro, and now Radio, we REALLY like what you guys do. We're ALL big fans in a big way.

We hope none of our other supportive friends are insulted by the raves - because we like all kinds of music. But you guys have just struck the right chord with what you do and how you do it. We hope everyone that stops by here to hear our stoned ramblings will stop by your place to hear how modern improv with a sense of history should be done. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for the note guys. Thanks more for the music.


Thanks is as always not enough, friends...

The modern music "with a sense of history" movement is growing, and a big part of it lays in this page and in many other pages of Blogland and crosses borders and oceans as a part of an unique musical breath, as the mike floyd's compilations we all display in our pages are there to demonstrate.
Maybe the Festival idea could be not so crazy... ;-)

Many thx once more

mike-floyd said...

A festival...?
Hmmmm... Maybe some day.Who knows?

Great work – as expected – by the way.


Snoose Junction said...

Here's a free one for y'all broke college students:


...a 23-minute jam, a 32-minute jam, and a 4-minute coda, for those requiring serious length and girth

diggin the LSD sessions - thanks for the tones!

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks guys,
Love the wired psych drone.

mick55 said...

Track 1
Mellow. spacy and more fun than Porcupine Tree's "Voyage 34".

Track 2
Steven Wilson turns up and adds prog touches and rhythm to the ambience.

Track 3
The ambience returns like Klaus Schulze at an Ash Ra Tempel reunion.
Cosmic Couriers meets Cosmic Jokers.

Alles Ist Gut in the Land of Lo-Fi.