#24 Limited Edition Release

Some accountant guys at school are offering their services to us just to get some real world experience. And, the first thing they advised us to do is get in on the special, limited edition release scam. "A sure money maker," they're telling us, especially when you sit on all the existing copies for backdoor sales at auction sites (just like big record companies do). So, this is Limited Edition Release, our promo single - featuring two self-explanatory, so-called rockers, "Transmission From Jimmy Miller's Car Phone" (not to be confused with #15's "Jimmy Miller's Knob Is Missing, Too") and "The Lumbering Rex" - with riffs we hammered repeatedly for an hour just to get 5 consistent minutes. This take was about a half hour in. As you can see... this hard copy promo's spine is stuffed with an atmospheric enhancement stick. By merely igniting it, critics might like what they hear. Of course, if these were actually sent out to media, there'd be trouble. "Free publicity," seems to be the accountants' mantra on the subject of our arrest and prosecution. We're not sure how long it takes for this collectible crap to get valuable, so... until then, you can listen to the contents of Limited Edition Release below and download the digital version for free. Then... watch for the rare, original, collectible discs popping up on Ebay, with a secret code on back to deter rampant counterfeiting. Accountants think of everything (great). Recorded live.


Transmission From Jimmy Miller's Car Phone (6:46)
The Lumbering Rex (4:26) 

Free 320


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great!Thanks
the Capt.

Anonymous said...

PS what's that instrument at the begining of sunshine girl...I think I remember that sound from 20years ago in a dorm room.

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Capt.,
Thanks for the praise. The beginning of It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (besides the beat) is primarily a MIDI synth and a couple of guitars. We think. Obviously, dorm rooms haven't changed much in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

To enhance collectibility we need to stress that these jams are made up on the spot, only played once and never, ever heard or attempted again. (Like 95% of what we do.) That would enhance its "uniqueness," right? Make it seem more special and valuable and collectible? Can you tell I was drinking with the accountants last night?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should explain that thing you call a "MIDI synth." It's more like a shortwave set.

Anonymous said...

In reality, it's a Korg Poly-800 running through a CBX-T3 sound generator, jammed through an ancient Apple Performa 636CD. I can't remember for sure, but for "Rainy Day" the setting might have been on "20 Year Old Dorm Room." Now you know why I just call it a MIDI synth.

Anonymous said...

coloured vinyl,test pressing,silver lettering to label,some with hand drawn insert,orig. WLFC private pressing,only known pressing rare as hen's teeth or rocking horse shit.Stunning example of a future monster collectable. I'll take a dozen.American express?
There are rumours that the legendary 08.14.06 actually exists in the private collection of a japanese businessman in kyoto
Kyoto? - never heard of it.
yours scav

We're Late For Class said...

Scav's got the idea.

Unknown said...

you guys are hyper-productive! i wish i could get an outfit like you guys together and play and record and play and record etc etc... nice work, as always. i'm never going to catch up!

Unknown said...

wow! a Kurt Winter reference (and matching sounds!)!! Very nice!
i've been listening to some of your stuff. you guys are crazy. i want to jam with you sometime! where in the world are you, anyway?

We're Late For Class said...

Hey John,

Thanks for spending some time over here and saying nice stuff. We appreciate it when folks take the time to listen.

We're sitting on plenty more material (of questionable quality - just like the stuff we issue) but we just can't find enough time to do everything we want. Recording is the easiest part (when we're organized), since we just make it all up. But we decided that - since our stuff will never EVER be heard again - we should document everything we played. There's the rub. Mixing, storing, deciding, democracy, etc, etc. It all takes away from recording new crap. That's why we have to split up our duties to get anything done (this one is mine). It's the only way anything gets done.

The worst part is not having enough time for OTHERS. We love bands and creative types (like yourself) but there's SO much on the web. We WANT to delve into more and keep up with our new pals, but there's never enough time. Which is why we appreciate it when others take the time to listen to US! We understand they could be just as easily dancing to the new Miley Cyrus prefabrication. You ARE into Miley, right?

As for our whereabouts... unknown. Wiser heads have decided that since we "indulge" and promote it and talk about it WAY too much, it might be a good idea that we don't attract too much attention (and trespassers). Things could get weird and we could get jail time. We ARE in the USA, but until next election we're still in a police state. So... we're keeping a lid on our physicality for the time being (we even took a few identifiers out of our comments because of local feedback). But... we'd still like to jam.

We did some tape exchanges & overdubs with our new pals Stolle & Member. And our pals Catasto Elettrico have been promising us tapes to overdub for 6 months, but THEY don't have enough time either, so they keep apologizing and we keep saying "we understand TOTALLY." Seems we're all in the same boat with you. Too many ideas, too much music and not enough time.


Thanks JM. We need to hang some more over at your place and check out more of your MySpace concoctions and Nomeus tracks (http://nomeusisimmune.blogspot.com/). We've liked what we've heard so far, but... (repeat all the above). Only problems right now is... we're late for class.

It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

Thanks for listening,