#1 08.14

This one was a party. A lot of different players showed up and we did a lot of recording. There were a bunch of styles bouncing around that day (and night and day), so more stuff will probably get posted from this session. We did some revising and took out two tracks to re-release a bit later. Just a way to shorten up the download time, tighten up the links and focus more on lengthy stoner jam singles and EPs instead of "albums." As for the cover, we think it's Shelly's brothers, but we're not sure. Recorded live.


"Do You Have Any Insight On That" (0:15)
Wetton Research (8:58)
Cone Of Uncertainty (3:02)
Heroine Sheik (5:28)

Free 320


Unknown said...

Hey! thanks for the comment and thanks for checking us out. we should definitely open up some network lines! your stuff sounds great, i will listen to more soon. drop me an email:
also, check out some of my solo work:
as well as www.soundclick.com/johnmmoore
and then there is another band (my baby, but on hiatus):
and www.myspace.com/srpgroup
also! (yes, i know, it's ridiculous!)another weirdo little improv deal:
yes, there is a British group called "My Pet Minotaur", that's not us. we were here first!
ok, thanks much, johnmoore

Anonymous said...

love the music
ill check out the myspacepage
check out mine at myspace.com/ajbbv

Matt said...

Hitched a ride here from Uncle E...
Looks like an interesting thing you've created.
I'm going to start at the beginning, here.
Looking forward to the journey.

We're Late For Class said...


You're going to listen to 30 releases spanning a year from the beginning? Cool. We hope you like it because WE like obsessive, orderly types like yourself. Ourselves... We would have started from the newest and worked back, but what do we know? We started from the beginning, too. Don't forget the hash, pillows and chilled Three Muskateers bars to round out the experience and thanks for attempting what no other human has dared. Godspeed John Glenn.

PS: If we don't hear from you again we'll totally understand.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how could you have been here for so long and i only just found you? Beautiful, beautiful, replenishing music. I already have about 10 hours worth and for a while now i have listened to nothing else. Thankyou so much for making this music available, 57 ep's is just not enough, please continue and never stop. Peace. OmletteDaggle.

We're Late For Class said...

Great, glad you like it. 10 hours? Sounds like you about half-way there. We've got just over 19 hours posted. We'll see if you can still stand it all after that. That's more than The Beatles released, anyway.