Tuesday, April 18

#72 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY "#31994" Advance Track From Live In Europe 1975

"#31994" was the opening number whenever Art Jackson's Atrocity performed live during the mid-'70's, following the recording of their first studio album, 1974's Gout. It's a brazen slice of hard bop jazz, as filtered through an apocalyptic drug haze, anchored by Art Jackson’s mutated guitar lines, which echo the saxophone's signature riff... until the 22 year-old anti-guitarist breaks out a short, incendiary solo that defies description - part barbed wire, part angular noise - sounding not unlike he’s pulling the strings off of his guitar. The response to the group's explosive introduction to European audiences, however, was instantaneous and unanimous... a testament to the band’s sheer power in performance. Not long after this 1975 recording, both Jackson and bassist Artis Killins would be incarcerated in Stockholm for heroin possession, putting an end to the Atrocity's European tour, and inspiring the independently released 1975 LP's front cover art. From the forthcoming digital release, Live In Europe.

#31994 (4:22)

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