#52 Clash On Broadway 45

Green Day's on Broadway. How much would you have lost on that bet? So... this is from our Clash On Broadway Original Cast Soundtrack, which doesn't actually exist. Truth is, the idea is thinly stretched even as a 45. It's the rags-to-riches story of a gang of hard workin' British punks, finally making it to The Big Apple... and Broadway. But, having to sell their souls in the process. "Clash On Broadway (Revolutionary Go-Go Dance Club Scene Rehearsal)" also doubles as the flashy dance number that every successful Broadway show must have to fill seats. The rest of the show will write itself, one day. The flip side is a mind-numbing Faustian romp captured live in Mark's basement. It was originally created to sell to the military - to blast at high decibels at troublemakers holed up in hideouts or embassies. But, it was deemed too toxic for our own troops to handle and administer. We're still trying to get a government contract, since the music industry doesn't offer any good ones anymore.


A - Clash On Broadway (Revolutionary Go-Go Dance Club Scene Rehearsal) (2:30)
B - Thunderpud (Live At Mark's) (6:59)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sold! Just got a new turntable over the summer, so I need the collectable set for my collection. Maybe I better get two (whaddya think I'll get for it on ebay?)

We're Late For Class said...

Not as much as you'll have to pay for it... from us... on Ebay.

Radio Free Wohlman said...

I heard a rumor that Bono was going to write lyrics for this production ... True?

With the accident plagued set of Spiderman - you guys might rule The Great White Way by default.

Never be punctual - stay tardy!

Dave RFW

We're Late For Class said...

That's a good rumor to start. Might bump our hit count. Thanks Dave.


Hi Folks... It's been a long time gone... You worked hard meanwhile, we see... Now we have something new too, in the end... Hope you'll like it...
Catasto Elettrico

We're Late For Class said...

Great. We love you guys.