"The Unpublished Interview"

Last year we got an email from a magazine editor in New York who wanted to interview us. Cool. So he sent us a bunch of questions and we sent him a bunch of answers. Haven't seen anything come of it yet, so we thought we'd just go ahead and post "The Unpublished Interview" here. Why not? Except... we're scooping ourselves. Another reason why we'll never make it in the biz. Here's 10 more reasons. Click each question for our oh so illuminating response.

1. How did you guys come up with the idea for We're Late For Class?

2. What was behind the decision to put your music out there for free? What is your gain from it?

3. Your blog says there is a rotating group of musicians... however, is there a core unit of players who serves as the glue of the crew?

4. When did you guys first get together to create music?

5. What has the feedback been like from your Blogger site thus far? Have you enjoyed any industry interest in your work at press time?

6. I found out about you guys thru the bootleg pages of Guitars101, which means to me that you seem to attract middle-aged vinyl hounds with your music. How do you, yourself, envision your listenership? Any prolific public figures you can claim as WLFC fans?

7. How do you guys come up with the artwork for each of your releases? The covers are amazing. Do you guys ever have any intentions of putting out a physical release of your work?

8. What influences help you to achieve the WLFC sound?

9. My favorite DL from you guys is "John Carpenter's King Heroin." How did you come up with the concept for this piece and where do you feel Carpenter's genius truly lies, in his soundtracks or his films? Which one of John Carpenter's soundtracks is your favorite and why?

10. The Jim Morrison Seance. Did you reach him?


smithma7 said...

great read guys... channel some 70s/80s crim already. :D

love u long time...


We're Late For Class said...

We keep trying but we suck.


Hey guys,

Your interview is going to be up in a couple of weeks actually, in our next digital issue. Sorry for being so slow on the uptake. The economy was not very kind to IRT, and we had to trash our plans to print a final issue this year...But your feature will be laid out all magazine feature like in our upcoming electronic issue, right beside our features on Mike Watt, Walter Becker and Wooden Shjips. Thanks again for your time and keep posting this great stuff!


stolle said...

jaysus, I wish someone would interview US sometime..., but anyway thank you for carrying the torch in the meantime. gonna take in your latest stuff now, keep it coming!

luv, stollllllllllllllle

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Unfortunately we've just learned our comments aren't being forwarded to us. so we had to stumble onto yours ON OUR OWN PAGE. Sorry. Thanks Stolle and Ron.